10 best business ideas for couples in 2021


    You share everything with your loved one, but should you start a business with your partner?

    Only you and your partner can answer this. Whether you want to run a busy business or want to make a little cash to fund your shared goals, it’s important to get your bearings on the right business idea to begin with.

    Why couples should consider starting a business together

    Starting a business as a couple may sound messy, and it’s likely not always going smoothly. But who better to share the ups and downs of business with than the person who is committed to being by your side, for better or for worse? When your business is successful, your success will feel all the sweeter when you can party with someone you love. When things get worse, you have someone to help you through difficult times.

    Another bonus is that you can spend more time together and relate to each other more easily. Starting a business as a couple may not be for the faint of heart, but it can strengthen your bond and bring success to your professional life.

    10 best business ideas for couples in 2021

    If you and your partner are looking to start a business together in 2021, make sure you choose a business idea that matches your passions, skills and has the potential to be profitable. To make it easier to choose a business idea, we have summarized some business ideas for couples in 2021.

    1. Wellness brands

    One of the benefits of working with your favorite person is knowing that you are going to love your coworker. Spread that good vibes by starting a wellness business – a couples business idea that is equally profitable and will help give back to your community. As of 2019, it is estimated that the global health and wellness industry is worth $ 4.2 trillion.

    You might want to take advantage of this profitable trend. Especially if you’re the couple who loves to hit the gym, cook healthy meals, and know exactly the health benefits of turmeric. Wellness companies can range from taking yoga classes to selling natural beauty products to starting a meal prep business. With so many options, chances are you can find a wellness company that suits your skills and interests.

    2. Subscription model

    What if there was a way to make sure your happy customers keep coming back to get more of what you’re selling? When you start a subscription model business, you have a much better chance of retaining customers and getting sales from them weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

    From 2014 to 2017, subscription model business websites had around 37 million visitors, so consumers are clearly interested in this type of business model. While it would be difficult to compete with Amazon, you can take inspiration from them. Their subscription service alone grossed over $ 1.4 billion in a quarter in 2018.

    3. Online educational resources

    Take a minute to think about what your top skills are. Perhaps you are a total marketing buff or you have creative writing skills that would impress the toughest reviewer. Take your specialty and make it work for you by providing online educational resources. Even if you step away from your comfort zone and create educational resources outside of your specialty, you will have fun and learn a lot in the process.

    Selling online courses, e-guides, instruction manuals, how-tos, or virtual tutoring sessions is an inexpensive way to start an online education business. E-learning revenue is projected to grow to $ 325 billion by 2025. Since there is no need to print training materials, ship products, or have a store front, you can keep your costs to a minimum as you grow your business. This is an ideal business to work with your partner. One of you can focus on creating the educational offering, the other on business development, accounting, and marketing.

    4. Travel products and services

    With airfare falling and Instagram inspiration flowing, it’s no surprise that almost everyone you know spotted the travel bug. If you have it too, you might want to turn your love of travel into a business. A bed and breakfast is a fun business idea for any couple. Especially when you consider that The US hotel booking grew from $ 116 to $ 185 billion from 2009 to 2017 only.

    If you don’t want to get into the hotel game, consider other travel business ideas such as: B. Become a virtual travel agency team, open a tour guide business in your area, or design travel accessories such as luggage. Think about the services or products you want when you travel, then get to work to make them a reality.

    5. Food delivery services

    If you and your partner enjoy cooking, a food delivery service might be for you. People are always looking for ways to save time and one of the easiest ways to do it is to have fresh, healthy meals delivered right to your doorstep.

    You can sell meals by the piece or use the subscription-based models we talked about earlier. Plan to target busy professionals who want healthy, tasty, and convenient food on their doorstep. Why should you focus particularly on a food delivery service? Because 27% of internet users have bought Meal sets Online in 2016. As that number continues to grow, you can capitalize on that demand by starting your own grocery store. Just make sure you research your competition and think about how to make your business stand out.

    6. Wedding products and services

    What could be nicer than two love birds helping other couples plan their special day? The average wedding cost over $ 30,000 which gives you and your partner plenty of opportunities to niche this market.

    7. Food truck

    Chefs and foodies flock to food trucks for two good reasons: freedom and affordability. A food truck is much easier to use than opening a restaurant, especially for a team of two. The limited physical space of a food truck allows you to keep overhead costs down and creativity high.

    Do you only want to sell fried potatoes on a stick? While this concept wouldn’t keep an entire restaurant afloat, it is enough to make a food truck massively popular at carnivals, street fairs, and other fun events. It is estimated that the food truck industry will be valued at $ 996.2 million this year. So this delicious trend is clearly going to continue. Take to the streets with your partner and park your food truck in the hottest spots around.

    8. House rental

    Starting a business as a couple doesn’t mean quitting your full-time jobs. You can do a small sideline and still make a lot of money with little effort. If you and your partner have a house with an extra room that you want to rent, or if you don’t mind renting out your entire house while on vacation, you can make a solid income through sites like Airbnb or HomeAway.

    Couples who do not yet live together can benefit twice from this side business, as they can offer an apartment or house for rent and stay in the other. Just make sure They follow the relevant regulations in relation to renting your home as determined by your city and homeowners association.

    9. Cafe

    Do you and your significant other have a passion for coffee and would you like to share it with your community? If you open a coffee shop in your city, you and your partner can do just that. You can set reasonable hours, work in a homely environment you design, and become an integral part of your city.

    Experts predict the coffee industry will grow 4.5% every year through 2023. Coffee shops have been popular for decades. If you can create the right environment, add a delicious selection of beverages and even light bites or baked goods, you can have a profitable business on your hands.

    10. Farmer’s market stall

    If opening a coffee shop or food truck is too big a step right now, keep your culinary desires small and open a stall at your local farmers market. Renting a space at your weekly farmers market is inexpensive and a great way to test your products and get feedback from customers.

    You could be selling baked goods, home-grown products, or even specialty products like infused olive oils. This is a really fun and easy business to start out as a couple and be a profitable way to spice up your weekends.


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