10 Best Real Estate Investing Blogs For Doctors In 2021


    Ever since I found out that doctors can create their ideal life by creating passive income through real estate, I’ve been obsessed with researching this topic. I’ve read book after book, like Rich father, poor father, and The ABC of real estate investment, listened to a lot of podcasts and attended a lot of conferences.

    One of my favorite ways to consume educational content on the subject is still good old blogs. I’m going to read a post and it will provide an amazing nugget of actionable information with high yield.

    There are so many amazing real estate investment blogs out there, but I’ve narrowed the list down to just what I think are Perfect for doctors. Why for doctors? Well, they can actually be for anyone, but here is the profile of the doctor / person I am thinking of:

    • Full-time, busy professional (for now)
    • Not necessarily looking for another job that will take up most of the time, so …
    • Wishes for more passive investing where you can get some residual income
    • Maybe has some reserve capital and is looking for ways to capitalize on it and diversify from the stock market

    With that in mind, I wanted to highlight a few blogs that have information on real estate strategies that make sense for doctors. These include buy-and-hold as well as passive strategies such as investing in syndications and funds. The goal of these strategies should be to produce passive income for long term financial security and wealth creation along the way too Financial freedom.

    So without further ado, here is my list of The 10 Best Real Estate Investing Blogs For Doctors.

    1. The BiggerPockets Blog – This is the granddaddy of real estate investment blogs. The blog and forum together are the most comprehensive resource on the internet for any amateur or professional investor.

    Check out this post: Why a 30 year (NOT 15 year) mortgage gives you a better shot at building wealth.

    2. Half boarded MD – Kenji & Leti are two doctors obsessed with teaching people how to gain financial freedom through cash flow rentals. If you want to learn how to portfolio your own real estate while you are still practicing, this is a good place to start. They also talk a lot about maximizing the tax benefits of real estate investments by achieving what is known as Real Estate Professional status.

    Check out this post: Real Estate Professional Status: How Many Units Do I Need to Qualify?

    3. Coach Carson – Coach Carson has a knack for explaining real estate investing in a very practical way, and it’s pretty easy to follow. Spend some time on this website and you can’t help but walk away after learning something. Its goal is to help you build wealth and “do more of what is important in your life”. Hey, it sounds like we’re kindred spirits.

    Check out this post: The Debt Snowball Plan – How To Get Free And Clear Rental Properties.

    4th The real estate CPA – Reading about taxes is not high on my list as I want to spend my free time. However, Brandon Hall, also known as the Real Estate CPA, has a way of explaining taxes in a very clear and compelling way.

    Check out this post: The ultimate tax guide for landlords

    5. REI nation – Chris Clothier runs this blog and is the face of REI Nation, a company that helps people invest in turnkey real estate. I enjoy reading the blog because it appeals to the investor who wants to build a steady stream of passive income and assets over time.

    Check out this post: Building A Real Estate Investment Strategy: Minimize Your Investment Risk.

    6th Ken McElroy’s blog – Ken McElroy is the author of one of my favorite real estate investing books, The ABCs of Real Estate Investing. I like his YouTube videos, but I also take time to read his blog. He enjoys talking about current market conditions and dynamics and how this is affecting property investors.

    Check out this post: 5 mistakes most investors make

    7th Financial success MD – Dr. Cory Fawcett is a retired surgeon who has put together an impressive portfolio of rental properties. Its mission is to teach other clinicians how to take control of their lives through adequate financial education and investment.

    Check out this post: Pay out the house against invest. Which one is better?

    8th. Financial samurai – Sam Dogen is a longtime blogger and has amassed a very enviable passive income stream. A good part of it comes from real estate. He benefited from buying in the booming San Francisco area and intelligently positioned his properties to generate increasing revenues year after year.

    Check out this post: Real Estate: My preferred asset class for building wealth.

    9. Debt Free Doctor – Dr. Jeff Anzalone is a periodontist who understands how to best use his time and effort to create passive income. He is writing from a very sincere place to help others like himself break out of the uncertainty of today’s medicine.

    Check out this post: How to become a millionaire in real estate

    10. Passive income MD – You didn’t think I’d make a list without putting that page there, did you? They know how doctors make a good income, but they have no control over their time. At Passive Income MD, our mission is to help doctors shape their ideal life through multiple streams of income so that they can live a life on their own terms. When it comes to real estate, we talk a lot about active investing (direct ownership of rental properties) and passive investing (investing in private real estate businesses like syndications and funds).

    Check out this post: Active vs Passive Real Estate Investing

    What are your favorite real estate investing blogs? Do I miss any?


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