10 Products You Can 3D Print To Make Money In 2021


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    No longer seen as a new technology, industrial 3D printing has become a part of furniture in modern manufacturing environments. The integration has helped companies grow stronger, find faster ways to market products, and provide an impressive platform for prototyping.

    3D printing of consumer goods

    As 3D printing continues to evolve in the industrial sector, expectations of consumer goods made with 3D printing continue to grow. It is no longer uncommon to hear about 3D food printers in restaurants and even at home. We are also hearing more and more about technology in the art world, science, and fashion circles. With so much advances, a new way to make money from 3D printing has come. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of 3D printing products.

    1. 3D printed phone cases

    Smartphones are an important personal accessory these days. If your phone is damaged, it can have a huge impact if you cannot use it. How do you find your way home Are you missing out on the item you are bidding on and of course you don’t want to miss this important call. With this in mind, all the more reason to protect it with a solid phone case. Usually there weren’t a lot of design options, but 3D printing offers a new way of creating greater design leeway and opening up a new and interested market.

    2. 3D printed jewelry

    3D printed jewelry is another area that has potential for profit. With this technology, pieces of jewelry such as earrings can be individually adapted and tailored to different trends, tastes and styles. Add to this a variety of materials that you can use to make 3D printed jewelry, such as: B. silver, gold, plastic, bronze, brass and copper. It’s not just big companies that can 3D print jewelry, but small outfits with desktop printers that can now make high quality accessories and high quality products.

    3. 3D printed false nails

    False nails are still an extremely popular fashion accessory around the world. Celebrities, Instagram, and the media in general have catapulted artificial nails into a billion dollar industry. Whether acrylic, gel or shellac nails, profit can be made when the market demand is high. 3D printing functions expand the scope for fake nail designs with raised bumps on the surface and additional, unusual decorations. In addition, there is greater potential for making bespoke nails that can be made quickly.

    4. 3D printed shoes

    Bespoke shoes are also becoming an increasingly popular fashion statement. Brands like Adidas and Reebok are adapting to the general trend of personalized apparel products. 3D printed shoes can be perfectly made using a detailed picture of the foot (s) taken before production. As an established fashion accessory, it is clear why trainers are popular for tailoring, but flip-flops, which are usually mass-produced, have also shown a great need for customization through 3D printing. Although it’s still an early stage in shoes, additive manufacturing (as 3D printing, if often referred to as such) has also been used to make orthopedic shoes such as insoles for shoes and boots.

    5. 3D printed glasses

    When it comes to taking care of your eyes, prescription glasses can be very expensive and have to meet a number of criteria, including help with seeing, feeling good and looking good. This makes them a prime candidate for customization and therefore for 3D printing. Typically, glasses are mass produced with small adjustments that are often optional after being sold by some opticians. However, these changes can damage the frame in some cases and are not the ideal way to tailor glasses. With 3D printed glasses, changing for a more comfortable fit is much easier, as well as adapting to style and aesthetics. They also offer a cheaper production alternative.

    6. 3D printed animal figures

    Plastic animals have been a popular addition to children’s toy collections for decades. Whether they’re part of a set or characters from a book, or as a stand-alone toy, 3D printing offers a greater opportunity to create more complex designs with details and features that bring characters to life for kids.

    7. 3D printed headphones

    3D printed earbuds can make your listening experience so much more comfortable! Headsets or earphones are traditionally made in standard sizes and are much more comfortable when they are tailored to our personal ear shape. Some technologies allow your phone to take a picture of your ear to scan and create the perfect, personalized headset.

    8. 3D printed vases and flower pots

    Both vases and pots are ideal for 3D printing, forming simple shapes and designs, as well as ideal objects to customize. It is possible to 3D print in vase mode, which creates a continuous stream of filaments that creates a hollow container – basically a vase. This feature quickly creates simple designs that require less material. Likewise, flower pots that we can use to decorate our homes and gardens are perfect for creating a bespoke design for decorating and in some cases personalizing our gardens and complementing the growing interest in them.

    9. 3D printed skull

    Skull printing isn’t as macabre as you might think. In fact, it can be very useful to medical experts and scientists. Animal skulls can be used to view extinct species, they can also be used in medical education, as well as in the arts and fashion industries.

    10. 3D printed toothpaste squeezer

    Last but not least, it’s about getting the most out of a dwindling tube of toothpaste. This is possible with a 3D printed tube press! This adjustable part of the kit can be assembled from three separate parts, making it perfect for use with pipes of different sizes. Handy lifestyle devices are always popular and help us reduce product waste and money? There’s always a market for that.


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