10 Side Hustles to Make Extra Cash in 2021


    Finding a sideline to bring in extra cash was huge when we paid off $ 52,000 in debt in 18 months. In fact, my part-time blogging ended up surpassing my traditional 9-to-5 job.

    The great thing about doing something on the side is that there are options for almost everyone. There are virtually no barriers for those serious about taking advantage of sideline jobs to make some money, regardless of your physical or financial condition.

    Here are some things you can do online to make some extra cash every month.

    1. Get paid for your opinion

    Many companies pay people to fill out surveys and / or surf the Internet. However, there are good survey companies and not so good survey companies.

    My favorite is Survey Junkie As They Are Going to pay cash immediately over Paypal. They have over 6,000,000 members and an A + BBB rating.

    Remember, while taking surveys doesn’t make you rich, it can be a decent way to earn an income on the side.

    2. Make money playing games

    Do you like playing games on your phone? Mistplay is an app that pays you to play games. When you download the app, you will be given a mixlist of new games to play.

    While you play the games in your app, you collect points. You can use your points to Get gift cards for Visa (i.e. cash!), Amazon, Starbucks, and more.

    The app also has a chat function that you can use to chat with other players. And you can earn points by inviting friends to download and play.

    Looking for a little competition? You can compete with other players to land on the Mistplay leaderboards.

    3. Test products

    In addition to being a survey site, Ipsos I-Say is also an opportunity to test products.

    You pay rewards in gift cards as well as cash through PayPal.

    Make sure you fill out your profile as best you can so they can associate you with products that are relevant to you.

    4. Get paid to deliver food

    Do you want to make money by providing food to people? Check out DoorDash that pays you to deliver food while listening to your favorite music.

    Depending on the rules in your city, you may be able to deliver by your car, bike, or scooter.

    5. Search the Internet

    Did you know there are companies out there that pay you to search the internet?

    Check out Swagbucks, one of the most respected companies when it comes to making money on the internet.

    Get a $ 10 bonus just for signing up!

    6. Create an ecommerce store

    If you want to sell a product, an ecommerce store is a great way to get it public. Make sure you do your research first as this market is very saturated. So the more niches you have, the better.

    To make opening your online store even easier, head over to Shopify, an ecommerce platform with great looking templates so you don’t have to do any coding.

    7. Get paid to watch videos

    I know this sounds too good to be true, but InboxDollars actually pays you to watch videos. Not only that, they’ll also pay you to download and play games.

    I downloaded Final Fantasy XV and paid $ 3.75 to just play the game. Right now they are offering a $ 5 cash bonus for easy sign up.

    8. Make money shopping for groceries

    You probably go grocery shopping at least once a month. Did you know that you can make money shopping for groceries?

    I use an app called Ibotta that actually pays me to buy certain foods. The key is to only buy items that you would normally buy. Then using this app is a breeze.

    9. List a room in your home

    Do you have a guest room or other unused area, such as a bathroom. B. a basement that you can list for guests? If so, this could be a great way to bring in a few hundred dollars every month.

    My friend steve Earns over $ 1,000 a month by listing his guest rooms on Airbnb.

    Airbnb makes it easy to advertise a room in your home. Renters are already being checked for you and if you have any problems you can contact Airbnb for help.

    10. Sell old electronics

    If you’re like me, you have a drawer full of old cell phones, tables, video game consoles, etc. Instead of letting these keep gathering dust, you can sell them on Decluttr.

    Of course, the newer the device, the more money you’ll get. But no matter what, shipping is free and you get paid within a day or two of receiving it.

    This will help create more empty space in your home and add more cash to your wallet.


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