11 Outside Businesses You Can Make Money With


    Depending on how creative you are and how hard you’re willing to do side jobs to make money, you can set up multiple passive income streams and see your bank account light up.

    We look at 11 side gigs with different skills, from none to a relatively high level of knowledge. We also look at how much money you could make from these sideline jobs.

    11 additional income ideas

    While some complementary ideas are more time-consuming than others, all of them are possible as a part-time job or additional money-making opportunity. Most require minimal skills or materials so it is possible to try more than one additional income idea.

    List of part-time jobs

    Take a closer look at how any (or some) of the added income ideas mentioned above can help you make some cash jobs.

    Sell ​​your photos

    Stock photography is popular today as more and more websites require high quality images. If you have a collection of photos from your travels or enjoy nature photography, you can sign up to sites like Shutterstock and 500px Prime to sell them.

    Once you’ve signed up and uploaded your images, all you have to do is wait for customers to purchase to use your images. Every time your image is used, you can make up to $ 120 on Shutterstock. 500px Prime customers pay $ 250 for a standard license, minus a 30% commission.

    Rental income

    If you can qualify for a mortgage and have enough down payment, you can buy an investment property to rent. Depending on your budget, you might want to buy a maisonette or a larger apartment to live in one and rent the others. Rent earned (minus maintenance and taxes) may be the best way to generate passive income while you sleep.

    There are several ways to get started. Talking to a real estate agent can be a good first step in getting an idea of ​​property values ​​and rents in your area. As you do your research, make sure you work on your credit score to improve your chances of getting a mortgage and save enough money on a down payment and any repairs and upgrades you may need to do before renting your property.

    Online tutoring and coaching

    You may not need specific certification or skills to teach or coach others. With a demand for online tutoring and easy access to the internet and webcam, you can set up business tutoring or teach others. Some ideas include:

    • Homework help for school classes
    • Teach English or other languages
    • Business English for professionals

    Ziprecruiter reports that the average hourly wage for a person who works as an online tutor or coach is $ 21.11 per hour. If you work 10 hours a week, you can make over $ 800 a month. Some tutoring websites are Chegg, Khan Academy, and Italki.


    If you have a newer model of vehicle, smartphone, and some free time, you can get paid to drive others. Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft make it easy to get a part-time job done when you have free time – sign up, watch out for peak times when you can make more money, and take advantage of a rideshare opportunity.

    You don’t even have to worry about knowing the area well – the ride sharing app gives you detailed directions. The average driver makes about $ 8 to $ 11 an hour, but if you live in a busy city and work during peak hours, you can make an average of $ 20 an hour.

    Grocery delivery service

    Similar to ridesharing programs, you can deliver groceries and groceries through platforms like Uber Eats and DoorDash. Delivery services require a little more work than driving a car – you still need a car and a smartphone.

    But you also park, buy groceries and supplies on behalf of customers and deliver them to their locations. Delivery workers report on Glassdoor as making $ 12 to $ 16 an hour, but that figure doesn’t include tips. To maximize your earnings, you need to be careful about where you park to avoid parking tickets or work with someone who can stay in the car as you drive in and out.

    Affiliate marketing

    If you have a website, blog, or social media account with a good following, you can use the trust you’ve built with your fans to make some cash. Affiliate marketing involves promoting and selling products and services to your audience. The product doesn’t have to be yours – instead, you get a commission when one of your readers buys it.

    Depending on how much the item you are selling and the size of your audience, this can be a great residual income. Neil Patel, one of the biggest digital marketing bloggers, says you can make between $ 10,000 and $ 400,000 a year recommending products to your audience.

    Advertise on your car

    This type of extra income is possibly the most passive on the list. You don’t need any special skills or effort to get started. All you need is a car and a drive to an area an advertiser is interested in.

    Also known as a car wrap, you can sign up for one and receive between $ 100 and $ 400 a month for the campaign. Carvertise and Wrapify are some reputable websites with a selection of rental campaigns.

    Peer-to-Peer Lending

    If you have a savings account with a small amount of cash, you are likely disappointed with the meager interest you are making on your savings right now. Keeping your cash in a paying-in slip in the hopes of getting a slightly better interest rate is also not the best solution – withdrawing the money before the term expires could face penalties.

    Peer-to-peer lending is a great way to make money with your money. You can sign up for the service on sites like the Lending Club. They will do all the due diligence on you to ensure that your reward is greater than your risk. And you can make an average of 5% of the money you lend, although your return could be higher.

    Take surveys for money

    If you enjoy relaxing in front of the TV and surfing the internet after a long day at work, polling can be a good way to put some money in your pocket. There are tons of sites out there promoting surveys that will pay you up to $ 35. But realistically, you’ll make between $ 17 and $ 20 a week depending on how much time you want to invest. It’s not exactly financial freedom, but it could take the pressure off a tight budget.

    Check out the following websites:

    Rent your car

    Do you have a nice car that you don’t use that often? It’s been a common problem since the pandemic. Many people have switched to remote working from home and find that they rarely drive any more. Fortunately, you can rent your car and make good money.

    Turo is the pioneer when it comes to renting your car. Best of all, the website gives you a free “carculator” that tells you how much you can make from renting your car. A 2018 Honda Accord can net you an average of $ 539 per month if you rent it just 12 days per month.

    Become a mystery shopper

    Mystery shoppers are paid to shop. If this caught your attention, read on. Sites like Secret Shopper, Market Force, and Pinnacle hire people who pretend to be shopping at a store to share how the experience was. In many cases, you’ll get a flat fee for the job plus the cost of the items you bought. Other mystery shopper gigs don’t pay you a fee, but you keep the items they are refunding or paying to buy.

    One buyer wrote about how he made $ 14,000 a year. The net income of over $ 1,000 per month may take more time than you have available for this to be extra income, but if you are making the more realistic average of $ 10-20 per hour and are happy with the extra money why don’t you try?

    Host a successful side appearance

    If you’ve invested in the stock market before, you’ve probably heard of diversifying your portfolio. It’s a technical way of saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” The same concept applies to side gigs – having more than an extra income has its advantages:

    • Multiple sources of income increase your chances of steady income
    • You can make money from more than one skill or hobby
    • If one sideline is seasonal or slowing down, another can take its place

    To be truly successful with multiple sources of income, tackle one project at a time. Commitment is the key. Do your research and understand what you are signing up for. It might take some effort at first, but hopefully at some point the effort will reach critical mass and automatically (or at least with less effort) make you money. Once it does, move on to the next project while monitoring your current one to make sure it is on the right track.


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