12 companies with minimum wages of $ 15 or more


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    The $ 15 minimum wage is a focal point for disagreement. Many workers and labor activists say that such a salary is necessary to ensure a livable income for millions of workers.

    On the other hand, some entrepreneurs say they cannot afford the wages and that it will force them to cut jobs.

    In this back and forth, a handful of companies have declared the question settled. These companies have adopted the $ 15 minimum wage and pay their employees at least that much – and sometimes a lot more.

    It is followed by companies where the $ 15 minimum wage is now or will soon be a reality.

    1. McDonald’s

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    In March the US had a record number of vacancies – 8.1 million. However, companies have difficulties in filling these positions. Whatever the real reasons for the shortage of applicants – some blame overly generous unemployment benefits, others point to fears of COVID-19 and lack of access to affordable childcare – companies are responding.

    Today McDonald’s announced that it will raise pay to hire thousands of workers. In-house restaurants will increase their average hourly wage to $ 13 over the next few months and to $ 15 by 2024.

    Only 5% of McDonald’s locations are owned by the company, but the fast food giant said it is encouraging franchise locations to increase pay as well.

    2. Amazon

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    Amazon was an early adopter of the $ 15 minimum wage and paid it back in 2018. Now the retail giant says it will continue to raise wages. From mid-May to early June, more than 500,000 employees will receive pay increases of between 50 cents and $ 3 an hour.

    The retail giant also announced today that it is employing 75,000 people to expand its fulfillment and logistics network in the US and Canada. The average starting salary for these positions is in excess of $ 17 an hour. Sign-up bonuses of up to $ 1,000 are available at many locations.

    3. Chipotle

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    Chipotle said Monday that 20,000 positions need to be filled. Hoping to do so, it offers starting wages of up to $ 18. The company promises an average hourly wage of $ 15 per hour through June.

    4. Seal Jewelers

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    Signet Jewelers – the parent company of Kay Jewelers, Zales, Jared, H. Samuel, Ernest Jones, Peoples, Piercing Pagoda, and JamesAllen.com – announced in February that the minimum wage would be raised to $ 15. The world’s largest diamond jewelry retailer plans to complete the process by spring 2022.

    5. Costco

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    Costco has adopted the $ 15 minimum wage and increased the stake. In February, the warehouse club raised its minimum wage to $ 16 an hour.

    At that time, Costco CEO Craig Jelinek noticed that the retailer is also trying to compensate its employees in other ways. For example, 89% of Costco employees are eligible for health benefits.

    6. Titanium Wireless

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    When Titanium Wireless raises wages, it’s no fun. In January, the company announced that the «minimum wage for each employee, including entry level, is $ 70,000 per year.» Benefits will also improve – including «unlimited paid time off and 100% medical, dental and visual coverage for employees».

    The wireless operator in Gulf Breeze, Florida found it had record revenue growth in 2020 but was struggling to retain employees. The wage increase is intended to reverse the tide.

    7. Wayfair

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    As of January, all US employees at the online household products retailer have made at least $ 15 an hour. At that point, the company announced that more than 40% of Wayfair’s hourly employees would receive an immediate raise.

    8. Starbucks

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    The coffee giant moves slowly and steadily to get the $ 15 wage. Last December, the company announced that all employees would make $ 15 within two to three years. At the beginning of the new year, 30% of employees were already earning more than this amount.

    9. Hobby lobby

    Hobby lobby
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    A long time ago – in 2014 to be precise – the Hobby Lobby raised its full-time minimum hourly wage to $ 15.

    The retailer was ahead of the curve and has continued to act as a pacemaker ever since. Last October, the Hobby Lobby raised its full-time minimum hourly wage to $ 17.

    10. Best Buy

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    The electronics retailer raised its minimum wage to $ 15 in August 2020. Today, the average Best Buy employee makes $ 17.67.

    11. Goal

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    In June 2020, Target announced that it would raise the starting wage for all U.S. employees to $ 15 an hour. It was the culmination of a steady string of salary increases that had started three years earlier.

    12. Charter Communications

    Charter Communications
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    Finally, telecommunications and mass media company Charter Communications announced in April 2020 that it would raise its minimum wage to $ 20 an hour.

    The increase went into effect immediately for field technicians and customer service call center employees, «who are the face of our company to our nearly 30 million customers and provide vital services to our communities, emergency responders and government agencies.» the company said.

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