2021 – Financial Goal No. 3


of hope

Car loan … I’ll come for you!

It took me a little longer than expected, but now I’ve officially exhausted my ROTH IRA contribution for 2020. Score !!!

And now the bull’s eye is on my car loan!

The balance owed today is: $ 12,905.01

I paid $ 1,500 this month. For the future, I have planned a minimum monthly payment of $ 2,000 that will automatically run out. If I just stick to it, it’ll be paid out in September. But if my forecast is correct, I should be able to pay off the balance in June.

Why don’t I make a direct commitment?

When I see the numbers balance out to cover the debt in June, I’m thrilled.

But I also know that we are going into an unknown season. Princess is graduating. Beauty concludes. I feel it is necessary to be prepared to bring them into what’s next. So I don’t want to commit myself to exhausting everything before I know what’s coming.

I KNOWS that I can pay off by September at the latest. But I TO HOPE that it will happen much sooner.

Children still come first

Any wisdom words from others who have graduated kids?

At the moment, Princess will be attending a four year university in August. Nothing fixed, but that’s their plan. She is now applying for schools and is hesitating to decide where to go. But recently decided to major in economics, a change from her initial choices in engineering or broadcasting.

Beauty will stay on site and complete her cosmetology training. The technical school she will attend has dormitories. I encourage her to move to the dorms while exercising, but I don’t know if she will take this move for summer or wait until fall.

Either … I want to be able to help, at least with the basics, should the time come. This is how the decision is made as to how much extra I can pay for my car debt as every month comes and goes.


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