24 surprising jobs you can do from home


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This story originally appeared on FlexJobs.com.

At FlexJobs, we post thousands of remote jobs in areas that may not come as a surprise, such as: B. Writing, software development or graphic design. But we also offer surprising jobs for people who are looking for work flexibility in unconventional areas.

Read on to find examples of 25 surprising remote jobs. These jobs demonstrate the breadth of remote working and the unique roles available on FlexJobs. And while some of these positions may no longer be open, they are still a good example of the unique remote jobs that exist.

1. Demographer – space analyst

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The demographer analyzes data for local governments to help them create comprehensive strategic plans for the community.

2. Designer athleisure

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The designer will examine and identify emerging trends in silhouettes, shapes, fabrics, details and colors for active and performing clothing. Must have knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

3. Digital painter

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The Digital Painter will work with writers to bring interactive stories to life. Must know Photoshop, understand color and dramatic lighting, and have a strong sense of volume and three-dimensional space.

4. Video correspondent

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The video correspondent should be a food enthusiast and expert working on the company’s social media platform. You must film on a selected topic twice a month (based on expertise), have a smartphone with a working camera and be able to promote content on your social networks. Ability to write scripts preferred but not required.

5. Finance and banking translators

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Applicants must be able to translate from German to French and from French to German. Translators translate financial, legal, and banking materials from English into the target language.

6. Head of Photography

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The Head of Photography will drive the campaign development by monitoring and facilitating photo shoots, commissioning photographers and archiving photos.

7. Home stylist

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The home stylist works online and creates interior design plans for clients. Tasks include sourcing furniture and decorations from various vendors, building brand awareness through social media, and updating the interior design news and trends.

8. Hospitality and administrative assistant

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The hospitality and administration assistant creates operational reports, communicates with guests and vendors, and organizes wine tastings.

9. Librarian

Online tutor
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As a tutor, the librarian provides online university students with reference books. Must have an ALA accredited Masters degree.

10. Lyrics Associate

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The Lyrics Associate accurately and completely transcribes and synchronizes new music releases. They also check and edit other transcriptions for correctness and completeness.

11. Modeling, asset generalist

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The modeling, asset generalist creates projects for feature, television and commercial projects. Must have a keen eye for creating realistic models, including UV generation and texturing, and the ability to create both hard surface and organic models.

12. Music research specialist

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The music research specialist ensures that the mediabase music research data is accurate and comprehensive by reviewing and identifying missing identifications in reports, verifying the accuracy of the data, and reviewing QA reports to identify monitoring issues.

13. Program Leader to Improve Navy Readiness

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In this leadership role, you will coordinate the staff of the Chemical Biological Defense (CBD) Fit test team, perform mask fit tests and sizing for chemical protection groups, and support the deployment of field teams to conduct mask fitting tests and sizing for seafarers.

14. Performance Marketing Fact Checker

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The Performance Marketing Fact Checker reviews existing performance marketing content to ensure that the facts and product information provided are correct and supported by reputable sources.

15. Props artist

Video game designer
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The prop artist creates high quality props for video games. Working with and without conceptual art requires experience in modeling hard surfaces, a keen eye for spatial composition, and in-depth knowledge of 3ds Max and Photoshop.

16. Prop styling photographer

Prop photographer
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Photographers will take original photos of various items. Each item requires a hero picture and three or more inline pictures.

17. Recipe developer

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The recipe developer is consistently involved in key strategic food launches and projects. Responsibilities include developing new products and existing products, making it easier to test new ingredients, and ensuring the accuracy of prep and cooking times.

18. Chief Traffic Engineer

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The senior traffic engineer must have a good understanding of all aspects of traffic engineering. You support project managers in the further development of the project and look after traffic engineers. Prefer applicants who are familiar with the design standards of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

19. Simulation specialist

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The simulation specialist will use digital avatars as puppeteers and carry out the necessary scenarios. Candidates should have a background in acting and improvisation.

20. Transcreators

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If you work as a transcreator (not to be confused with a translator) you will transcreat, copyright and proofread creative campaigns in the target country.

21. Teleradiologist

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Teleradiologists must be graduates of an accredited U.S. residency program, board certified or board approved by ABR or VBR, be eligible for hospital ID cards, and hold at least one state license. Must live in the USA

22. TeleScribe

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The TeleScribe observes doctors when they meet patients and carries out documentation on behalf of the doctor, including entering information into the patient file.

23. Video host

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The video host hosting the company’s YouTube, website, and social channels must have a strong interest in the game and meme culture and be comfortable in front of the camera as well. Applicants must have their own camera to record videos.

24. Visual FX and Post Production Artist

Graphic designer or artist
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The artist creates 2D elements, adjusts the final tone and creates unique effects. Experience working with slot machines or other preferred games of chance.

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