3 books I recently finished


    Welcome to my book update post sharing which books I recently finished + my honest thoughts and star ratings from them.

    My reading goals for 2021

    For 2021 I have set myself the goal of reading 3 books per week – 1 fiction, 1 non-fiction book and 1 audio book per week. I know this is a bold goal, but reading is something I love and it is a way to learn, challenge my mind, improve as a writer and communicator, and be refreshed and encouraged by inspirational stories.

    I have a couple of shelves full of books (mostly that I got vacant) so I decided to pick 52 books from my shelf to read this year (see my list of 52 books I want to read in 2021). I will also read other books that I find / get mailed that pique my interest. Also, I plan to go through a lot of audiobooks (I get mine for free from the Libby app).

    Here are three books I recently finished …

    Don’t Miss: Believing That Living With The Holy Spirit Is Better

    When you feel that something is missing in your spiritual path, when you keep wondering what you believe about the Holy Spirit, or when you are tired of going through life on your own, I think that this book this book will encourage and bless you.

    I appreciated Jeannie’s honest words as she wrestled with what she writes in this book. As someone who – only in the last few years – has begun to truly understand the Holy Spirit and what it means to live a life trusting in Him, I found so much of this book. I highly recommend that every Christian read this book and take it to heart … it could change your whole life completely!

    Rating: 4 stars

    Night autumn

    This book caught my eye because it contains some nursing topics AND it is set in Wichita, KS (my hometown). It was definitely a different genre of fiction than I usually read, and I feel like I’ve worked through a lot of it. Some felt kind of boring and repetitive and some I found a bit clunky and difficult to follow.

    If you like FBI related fiction with a strong Christian perspective that also has some pretty dark subjects, then this could be your kind of book. Personally, I didn’t like that so many details of the plot were revealed from the start. I also figured out the ending pretty quickly and found that the book was pretty predictable and didn’t pull me in and make me meet the characters (which for me is always the hallmark of a really good fiction book).

    Rating: 2 stars

    A walk to the beautiful

    I felt this book was so promising – and it started off strong. But after that I fell flat.

    I thought the story could have been told so compellingly and compellingly because it had the potential to become such an interesting story. But the way the book was written seemed to jump around and share a lot of mundane details and then skip other important details or character development.

    I was still inspired by how one person influenced the course of Jimmy Wayne’s life so profoundly, but I just wanted so much more from this book than it provided.

    Verdict: I’m giving 2.5 stars – but rounding up to 3 stars to be generous, especially since I appreciated how it can raise awareness about foster families.


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