3 lead magnets to add to your email list


Why are lead magnets important?

Having a dedicated email list is critical to your business and long-term success as it is your direct line of communication with your audience.

A really great lead magnet will help you add to your list quickly with people ready to take the next step with you (i.e., make a purchase).

What Kind of Lead Magnets Should You Make to Add to Your Email List?

Here I want you to really take the time to think about your audience and how they can think differently about using lead magnets.

I don’t want you to just put some kind of giveaway on your blog and call it good.

This is where the term content upgrade comes from because it is essentially bonus content that users can access as soon as they land on your blog posts.

It is called a content update because it is an update of the content that has been read. That said, it’s relevant and valuable to your blog post and NOT just a random giveaway that you’re offering.

A high converting lead magnet:

  • Immediate value – You want your readers to get immediate benefit from your lead magnet and be able to use it.

  • Reference back often – THAT’S KEY. A good evergreen lead magnet will encourage your email subscribers to keep using it again and again.

  • To consume quickly – Let them get to know you and your expertise, but also give them a quick win

  • It’s evergreen – This means your audience can keep using it or it’s still relevant to them (keep them updated too!)

Here’s what you need to do to create an evergreen lead magnet:

Step 1 – Understand your audience

You MUST understand what your audience wants and give it to them. Most people assume they know what their audience wants and then waste so much time creating something that no one actually downloads or needs.

Don’t make this mistake.

Take the time to learn more about your audience’s wants and struggles. I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about creating an audience profile or avatar, but I don’t want you to just guess.

Talk to your audience.

Ask them what they are struggling with.

Improve their needs IN FRONT You create your evergreen lead magnet.

You have to solve a specific problem that your target audience wants to solve.

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Step 2 – Plan Your Audience’s Trip

To have a profitable blog, you need to make sales. Think of your evergreen lead magnet as the start of your audience’s journey.

What do you lead them to in your business?

Do you have a digital product?

Do you offer a service?

Before creating your lead magnet, plan the journey they would take through your business.

This is a REALLY important step as you want your lead magnet to lead you on a sale so it has to be relevant to your listings.

Step 3 – Make It Valuable and Specific

You’re no longer just creating something to put people on your email list. It MUST be valuable and ONLY attract people who go well with your blog.

I wasted so much time getting everyone to join my blog, Frugal Fanatic. I used to just create a general giveaway to get the number of email subscribers on my list.

This was a huge waste of time as these people didn’t fit well with my content or products that I had to offer.

Once you’ve figured out what your audience wants, make sure you create something that is extremely valuable to that particular audience.

I mentioned above that you’d want it to be something that they refer to frequently or that they implement over and over again. This will make it evergreen.

What are the best lead magnets?

Here are the three best evergreen lead magnets that you need to make for your blog.

# 1 swipe files

These are great because they help save your audience time, and the job is already done for them. The whole point is that you have taken the guesswork out and you can just use your swipe file to copy and paste.


# 2 templates

Trust me when I tell you your audience will love templates because they are the ultimate shortcut. Create something that your audience can use to easily fill in the void.


  • Design templates

  • Budget template

  • Continue template

# 3 resource library

This can include several different lead magnets in one easy-to-use section that your subscribers can refer to frequently. My resource library always has the highest conversion rates.

Remember that in addition to putting together a bunch of resources, you are offering your audience different solutions to their problems, all of which are relevant to your content and offerings.

I don’t think lead magnets will go away. I just think you need to reposition them and make sure they solve a specific problem for your specific audience.

Always allow time on your calendar to check your lead magnets and make sure they are current and still relevant.

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Comment below and tell me if you are using Lead magnets with your blog or business.

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