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    Statistics on companies owned by women

    78% of women-run businesses never make more than $ 50,000 a year in gross income, which means they don’t make enough cash in profits to cover their living expenses. When I hear statistics like this, I am on my mission to change that so that women can become financially independent through their business.

    Selling tips and skills that lead to money making

    We really need to talk about skills that lead to making good money.

    A key sales skill is good follow-up.

    Today we’re going to talk about three super effective follow-up strategies that you can start using right away!

    Sold as a skill set

    As a business owner, you need to learn these skills. I would say that as a human you should know these skills as it is the only thing that will ensure that you are not worried about money at the time of recording.

    The first problem is you aren’t talking to enough people, which means you don’t have enough time in front of leads or referrals. You are not having enough conversations or presenting your product or service in front of enough people.

    Many business owners do not realize that they are the leader on their sales team and the importance of following up. Even if you are a great salesperson and run a business, if you are a woman, a coach, or a course writer, you are the main seller.

    If you’re the CEO of a company, you’ve probably made sales a long time ago. At this point, you can rent sales to a team.

    The problem most women entrepreneurs have is they don’t know how to sell and they don’t target potential customers. Even if you’re the best seller in the world, no one has a hundred percent completion rate. So you need to be consistent and use your sales skills along with a follow up to close your sales.

    Sales follow-up

    Remember that you are dealing with people and that there is a lot going on in their life.

    As a result, you need to start your follow-up game.

    The thing is, most people don’t follow up because they don’t have an organized system.

    Sell ​​your solution

    Another much deeper problem and an emotional block is that you don’t want to “annoy the other person.” When you have the solution to their problem, you need to disturb them and remind them that you have their answer. Let them know they can fix their problem. It is your responsibility and duty to make this happen.

    If you don’t close them, they will run away with the same damn problem that someone else could fix for them, and then you lose the opportunity to serve them. Or the other option I see is for your prospect to spend their money on some bullshit that doesn’t help them fix the problem.

    Show your customer wins

    When you get in touch with people when you have had customers celebrating a victory, share it on your Facebook group. Then, take a screenshot of their win and email it to your list to show potential customers that they can achieve the same level of success.

    Showing others what is possible for them and what successes and successes your customers have had recently is an extremely effective way of figuring out how to solve problems. Aside from sharing a still image, I always encourage people to get video testimonials from their customers. A third option you can create is to have a short interview with your clients and post the discussion on your Facebook group or other social media.

    Lastly, you can create a showcase event as an introductory class or event that shows people what you do and how to buy your product. This can take the form of a webinar or a free one-day event. We invite people to our Facebook group in our shop window, where we do a free training session once a week.

    Update staff about upcoming changes, price increases, dwindling availability, or expired bonuses to make an instant purchase decision. These strategies are very effective in attracting new customers.

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