4 books I recently finished


    Welcome to my book update post sharing which books I recently finished + my honest thoughts and star ratings from them.

    My reading goals for 2021

    For 2021 I have set myself the goal of reading 3 books per week – 1 fiction, 1 non-fiction book and 1 audio book per week. I know this is a bold goal, but reading is something I love and it is a way to learn, challenge my mind, improve as a writer and communicator, and be refreshed and encouraged by inspirational stories.

    I have a couple of shelves full of books (mostly that I got vacant) so I decided to pick 52 books from my shelf to read this year (see my list of 52 books I want to read in 2021). I will also read other books that I find / get mailed that pique my interest. Also, I plan to go through a lot of audiobooks (I get mine for free from the Libby app and I’ve just started trying out the Hoopla app).

    Here are the four books I recently finished …

    The ultimate book of outfit formulas

    I’m a huge fan of Alison Lumbatis and her outfit formulas so I was thrilled that she was bringing out a book! I feel like this book is the best of everything you can learn from their Outfit Formulas program – all wrapped up in one book.

    My favorite part was that it was short, simple, practical, and so graphically difficult. I’m the kind of person who really needs pictures, and this book has done that to a great extent.

    If you want to upgrade your wardrobe and feel more confident in your clothes, I highly recommend this Book + Alison’s Outfit Formulas program.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Hope is a verb

    My sister gave me this book to borrow. It is the story of a survivor of the Oklahoma City bombing. I found it inspiring and sad in equal measure – inspiring how she was able to change her life in so many ways, and sad that she was unwilling to think about forgiveness in certain areas and how she continued to hold onto her anger.

    The book was self-published and contained several typing errors. Plus, it was difficult to follow at times and often felt like it was everywhere.

    However, I found enough of it interesting that I was ready to finish, so I’m giving it 2 stars. 🙂

    Rating: 2 stars

    Long way

    I struggled to get into this story. And honestly, I would rate it 2 stars. But then, in the end, the author’s note changed everything for me. In all honesty, I wish he’d shared the note in the beginning because it gave me a different perspective on the book as a whole.

    One of the quotations in the author’s note was deeply encouraging to my heart. I shared a post on it here. “Only Jesus can tell you who you are.” Impressive!

    Rating: 3 stars

    Promote the family

    If you are a foster family or are thinking of foster care, this book is a must have. Jamie’s realizations are exactly what I heard and needed to be reminded of!

    I had the privilege of endorsing the book (hence why I read a really early copy!) And this is what I wrote:

    Jamie’s honesty and willingness to share all of the beautiful and brutal aspects of foster care is so refreshing and encouraging to me as a foster mother. If you are new to nursing, or have been in nursing for a decade, this book will speak deeply, provide you with plenty of practical advice for the many difficult situations you will encounter in nursing, and help you learn how To feel you. t alone and point yourself out to Jesus on the really tough and stressful days.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Have you read anything great lately? I would love to hear!


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