4 signs indicating it is time to replace your boiler


The existence of the cauldron in our life is crucial. We take the operation for granted until the error occurs which leads to abnormal function. For example, the joy you get after working on a hot bath is undeniable. So what happens when you come home tired and a broken water heater is a little surprise waiting for you? Unfortunately, it may be too late to “save” your boiler.

In this case, you should immediately call a professional to prevent a full-scale disaster. The damage that can result from such damage is significant and extremely costly. Before you get to the point where you need to change all of your flooring and remove moisture from the wall, some signs may warn you that it may be time to replace your old water heater.

1 The water is not hot enough.

If the water doesn’t heat up enough while you wait, something is probably wrong. If you notice sudden changes in the water temperature, it is a sign that the water heater is not working properly without you having done something. Cold water is said to be soothing for the skin, but there is no reason to try it in the heart of winter. On the other hand, the problem can be small and related to the thermostat or electrical connections – one of the many factors to consider when installing a water heater.

2 You hear strange noises

Does your kettle make a fuss when the water warms up? Does it sound like it’s making you hot tasty popcorn? Just kidding. These noises most likely mean significant damage to the boiler. Most likely, this damage to the water heater should be repaired immediately with professional help. If you spot it in time, you can fix it before it punctures and it will need to be completely replaced.

3 The water is dirty

Turn on the hot water in your shower and it smells or comes out of pieces of rust? This is an indication that your water heater needs cleaning. Over time, salts and sludge will accumulate in the boiler, with the result above. However, annual maintenance of your water heater can prevent further damage and its overall damage. And finally, when you think about the extra money you give for maintenance, don’t forget that the money you would have to give to repair it later will be much more. Don’t accidentally learn safety.

4 There is a water leak

If a small pond has appeared around your water heater, things are not very good. It is important to understand where the leak is coming from. If it is a gasket or valve, the problem can likely be easily fixed. On the contrary, if the water heater is punctured, then its replacement is a possibility. It is good to check your boiler regularly. Since the installation is at a point where we don’t have direct line of sight, we usually spot the leak when it’s too late.

In short, it is important not to ignore the above four signs if you want to avoid the unnecessary expense of replacing a boiler. An experienced and specialized plumber from Bollano Plumbers can immediately diagnose the problem of your water heater and suggest the best and most economical solution.

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