# 48: Starting an E-Commerce Business Ft. Amir Baluch MD


The ecommerce business / industry is escalating rapidly and many people want to know how to build an ecommerce business.

Not sure how the ecommerce business works? Hear our guest this week, Dr. Amir Baluch, while sharing his experiences in the e-commerce business.

Now let’s look at two things that we discussed in this episode:

  • Paths to Commerce World
  • Members of the Core Essential team for your e-commerce business
  • Resources for Learning Ecommerce

Here’s a breakdown of how this episode plays out …

There are three different ways to get into the e-commerce world …

Doctors don’t have a lot of time, but they have more money …

I always tell people who go to a business – if you don’t have a mentor who’s been there or has done that, you will have a hard time. Basically, through trial and error, I have to learn type of headache …

Tip no. 1 for getting started in an e-commerce shop …

You can contact Amir Baluch MD via email at abaluch @ gmail.com or over Facebook or LinkedIn.

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