5 easy bathroom eco swaps that won’t cost the world


    We’ve looked at how to swap in your bathroom routine that doesn’t cost the world (in more ways than one).

    SaveMoneyCutCarbon has sent us a selection of sustainable and environmentally friendly products to test against items we normally use.

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    I know there are a lot of concerns that being green will cost more money.

    I know people want to swap though – so we’ve looked at how to swap in your bathroom and personal care routine that doesn’t cost the world (in more ways than one)!

    Switch to reusable makeup remover pads

    While cotton wool is essentially a renewable resource, it takes a lot of cotton and water to make it – a colossal waste.

    Also, you may find that some “cottons” have synthetic fibers mixed in (like cotton pads), which means they won’t decompose properly.

    Since they are only used for signaling purposes, they will likely end up in a landfill after being used.

    Instead, you can switch to reusable bamboo pads.

    You can use this set of 16 makeup wipes over and over again.

    The Bambaw package includes four scouring terry pads and 12 soft bamboo velvet pads as well as a mesh bag so that you can put them in the washing machine.

    You can wash them at 40 ° C with your usual laundry and then use them again.

    bambaw reusable makeup remover pads

    Cost comparison:

    As a member of the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Club you pay € 9.95 for a set.

    You can get a 100-pack of single-use cotton pads for £ 1.49 at a large pharmacy that everyone has heard of. This takes about a month – so it takes about 7 months for the costs to balance out. From then on, you save money and the planet.

    Switch to bamboo swabs

    You may remember the iconic photo of a seahorse doing business in the water with a plastic swab in its tail.

    It was one of those images that sparked a debate about the use of plastics, and it’s also the inspiration for this range of bamboo cotton swabs.

    Although you can buy paper cotton swabs, the quality is not always good because they are very easy to bend. Bamboo is a great product because it grows so quickly and is sturdy.

    In addition, these cotton swabs (and their packaging) are 100% compostable, biodegradable and vegan-friendly.

    Bamboo cotton swab

    Cost comparison:

    As a SaveMoneyCutCarbon Club member, you pay £ 2.63 for a box of 200.

    At the big pharmacy, branded paper buds cost £ 1.50 or you can spend £ 3 on bamboo buds.

    Switch to biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes

    Around 3.5 million plastic toothbrushes are thrown away worldwide every year.

    With dentists recommending replacing your toothbrush every three months, you can choose a more sustainable type of dental care.

    Available in adult and kid sizes, a bamboo toothbrush is biodegradable when you’re done.

    Bamboo toothbrushes

    Cost comparison:

    As a member of the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Club, you pay £ 3 for an environmentally friendly toothbrush.

    The pharmacy has prices everywhere, starting at £ 1 and going up to around £ 4.50 for a standard toothbrush.

    Switch to silk floss

    In all honesty, I have to admit that I didn’t worry too much that most flosses are made of nylon!

    However, it’s easy to swap out an eco bath for silk floss.

    Silk is a natural product, so it is compostable and disintegrates after use.

    It’s also a great powerful alternative and is just as effective.

    The silk floss is packaged in a reusable glass bottle, on a roll of compostable cornstarch and comes in a paper box, all of which are fully recyclable.

    You get 30 yards of floss, and it’s in a natural, minty, plant-based candelilla wax.

    Natural floss floss on the sink

    Cost comparison:

    As a member of the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Club, you pay £ 3.35 for natural mint floss.

    In the pharmacy you can pay up to £ 5.50 for floss.

    Switch to bamboo pavement

    As an eco alternative to plasters, you can try bamboo plasters.

    These patches are free from latex, plastics, parabens, sulfates and merthiolate and can be fully composted at home in just 11 weeks.

    While conventional plasters can contain chemicals and other materials to which around 25% of people are sensitive, the bamboo alternative plasters are a completely natural, sustainable and allergy-free alternative.

    They are made from activated charcoal, aloe vera, coconut oil and are certified as a sterile class 1 medical product.

    Bamboo plaster

    Cost comparison:

    As a member of the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Club, you pay £ 6.08 for a package.

    In a generic store, you can pay as little as £ 2 for a box of standard patches.

    More ways to save money in the bathroom

    There are many other ways to save money and be more environmentally conscious in the bathroom.

    Consider installing one Save a sink bag. As a Club member with SaveMoneyCutCarbon, you pay only £ 1.80 for this Smart Bag and save 39% compared to the RRP.

    These very simple but clever devices sit in the toilet tank and save you 1.2 liters of water with each flush.

    That’s an estimated 13 liters of water a day for about a minute when setting up!

    Not only will this lower your water bill (assuming you have a water meter), it will also help the planet by spending less H. consume2Ö.

    One of my all-time favorite bathroom tools is this …

    Hand holding a metal tube press

    SaveMoneyCutCarbon sent it to us with no instructions and I was amazed.

    At first I wondered if it was a key to venting a radiator, then I started to ponder obscure thoughts as it looked like a tuning fork.

    So I asked and the answer was very simple.

    Instead of struggling to get the last of the toothpaste out of the tube or to waste it, this clever little tool will help you save waste.

    With a cheap little tube press, your toothpaste tube will be transformed from this ……… ..to this one.

    We review different products every month to test the eco products sold by SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

    Take a look at what we’ve researched so far:

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