5 questions to ask yourself before buying anything


    How do I handle the constant sales pitches that are happening all over social media? -a follower

    That’s such a great question! We are bombarded with marketing all day long – whether it’s billboards on the roadside, advertising on the radio or podcast, a display in the grocery store or a sign asking you to increase your order in the fast food restaurant, a sales banner in the mall, online Advertising and so on and on!

    Before you click a link, pick up an item from the store that you didn’t want to buy, add an item to your online shopping cart, or make an impulse buy, here are five questions you should ask yourself:

    1. Do I need it?

    It is important to learn to distinguish between real needs and wants. This does not mean that you should only buy things that you need, but I think that in order to be more specific, you should know the difference between needs and wants in advance.

    2. Do I have money in my budget for this?

    I don’t care, it’s cheap, if you don’t have the money, it’s not good business for you. There will be another deal for this item in the future! If you really want it, reserve a spot in your budget to save on the next time a deal comes up.

    3. What could / would I spend this money on if I didn’t buy it?

    When you say yes to buy something, you accidentally say no to buy something else. Is that worth it to you?

    4. How many hours do I have to work to buy this?

    Think about the money you spent on your hourly wage. If you’re making $ 20 an hour after tax and an item costs $ 40, is it worth two hours of work to buy?

    5. Could I get by with what I already have?

    Again, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy anything new, but before doing so, make sure that what you already have cannot simply be used. (Sometimes the moment we see a lot we forget that we already have something similar at home!)

    I’m not sharing these questions to take away the fun of shopping. On the contrary, I think shopping is actually more fun and rewarding (especially in the long run!) When you do it on a budget and on purpose.

    Train yourself to ask these questions quickly before buying anything and see how it changes your purchase! Best of all, I think the main benefit of these questions is that you will likely appreciate your purchases a lot more – and have a lot less regret from the buyer!

    What questions do you ask before buying? I would love to hear!

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