5 Smart Ways to Promote Your Blog on Instagram


Do you think Instagram is a social media site where young adults and teens share selfies and short videos? Yes they do, but there is a lot more you can do on Instagram and promoting your personal blog is one of them. It’s a popular visual medium around the world and a great way to drive massive traffic to your blog.

With nearly 1 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily users, Instagram has great potential to bring your blog posts to a wider audience who may be looking for exactly what you post on your blog. Consistently sharing your blog posts on Instagram can surely bring a stream of readers to your blog to draw more attention to your content. As a blogger, you can too Buy likes on Instagram to quickly popularize your IG profile and drive more traffic to your blog.

Check out this blog post for some clever ways to promote your blog on Instagram to grab the attention of more regular readers.

Post great content

You will want to post anything and everything on the blog. This is the biggest mistake you will make when creating and publishing content. Keeping your content relevant to your blog is always great to ensure that you are delivering quality and informative content to your readers. And if you look at one of the top influencers on IG today, you’ll see that a great way to get famous on social media is by constantly bringing out new content, memes, and videos that others are constantly sharing.

If it’s a niche blog, stay relevant to the niche and post useful and informative content to attract more readers. Add like-minded people to your Instagram profile and keep sharing blog posts with them to get a good number of monthly visitors. You can use selected images from blog posts or design unique and engaging images to target your audience and encourage them to visit your blog.

Post blog post teasers on Instagram stories

According to the figures, nearly 70% of IG users watch stories every day. And it’s also a fact that the popularity of IG stories is not waning anytime soon. Instead of waiting for a live post to promote on Instagram, let your IG followers know what topics you will cover. It will pique their interest and make them curious about what’s going to be published on your website Blog.

In addition, you can create short videos of recently published blog posts that you post on IG Stories. Instagram Stories are a smart way to promote your blog content and engage your followers.

There are tons of graphic design software out there like Canva that can help you create engaging and dazzling IG stories to effectively share your blog link into stories.

Be an industry leader and an active follower

An effective way to grow your IG profile and promote your blog is to interact with your followers and fellow bloggers on your pages. When you effectively engage with your followers, you can achieve more too Instagram likes on your posts.

Find people on Instagram who have a similar approach to you and follow them. Most of them will come back and see your posts for something new or the latest industry news. If you see relevant posts on your blog, get in touch with them and try to build links with bloggers or other IG users.

Play with brand and industry relevant hashtags

In this digital world, brands both small and big create their own hashtags on social media profiles to encourage content sharing and promotion. And that’s not rocket science. You can do this for your blog too. Create your own branded hashtags or play around with the industry-relevant hashtags to bring your blog content to a wider and relevant audience.

By using hashtags on your Instagram posts, people who follow hashtags frequently can easily search your posts to find something useful. As a result, you can have more readers for your blog and more new followers for your IG profile to stand out.

Maintain consistency

It might be a fun game for you in the beginning as it is such a novelty. However, posting content on the IG profile becomes a chore when the novelty wears off. In the end, people start posting every now and then. It can ruin any previous effort.

This is why you should maintain consistency when sharing blog posts on Instagram in order to drive more traffic to your blog. You could lose followers if you don’t post consistently.

Before you start promoting a blog on Instagram, it’s a good idea to create a content calendar or content posting strategy to post regularly.

The importance of daily growth on Instagram

Of the many different important things to remember about Instagram and keep following day in and day out, it’s all about user engagement and the quality of the experience offered.

You can spend as much money as you want to run paid promotions and buy likes or followers. However, if the value of the content isn’t there, people won’t remain a loyal follower.

In order to continually grow your brand on social media and reach new audiences every day, you should implement these successful methods for creating and marketing content today. Within a few months, you could just be a micro-influencer in your own niche market!


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