5 traits doctors share with successful entrepreneurs and investors


    5 traits doctors share with successful entrepreneurs and investors

    The idea that doctors are not good at managing finances probably stems from the fact that, as medical professionals, we have little time to devote to other endeavors. We may also have little experience in finance, which makes us reluctant to exit on a particular investment or business opportunity.

    The fact is, we have the qualities necessary to be successful.

    But as a doctor, you may not believe that you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur or investor. If that’s the case, stay with me.

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    Well let’s goOkay what we discussed in this episode:

    • Traits you probably didn’t even know you had
    • An important component for profitable investing
    • Bonus commonality between doctors and good entrepreneurs / investors
    • Most difficult investment decision

    Here’s a breakdown of how this episode played out …


    Doctors, we are of course already equipped for the big picture.


    Just like medicine, the financial and investment landscape is constantly changing. I think the main theory behind many of the investments you read online might be like «bet and forget,» but the reality is that maintaining a good portfolio requires research and an awareness of what else is going on, being able to hear and learn from others and really incorporate that into your portfolio.

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