5 Ways To Be Prepared To Save Money – Frugal Debt Free Life


    Save for upcoming expenses

    Spending has a way of sneaking up on you. But things like back to school, major holidays, or annual recurring expenses aren’t emergencies. When you look ahead and know it’s coming, you can plan for it.

    This also brings me to this little tip, if you’re like me and lose things and then buy them again because you’ve lost them, if you put something away and put it on your calendar, go to Google Calendar. Then later, just search your Google Calendar for Halloween costume or Mother’s Day gift and know where you put it.

    Get the information

    This week my son will be tested for allergies. I learned in advance what our insurance will and doesn’t cover and negotiated a payment.

    I think a lot of people don’t know that even if you have insurance you can negotiate your medical bills. You can even do this after receiving an invoice. But it’s easier to do so before the service is even deployed.

    Set expectations

    So this is a question from one of you left over on Instagram. Someone asked how to save money on trips because even when you go to the park, we buy ice cream. Here’s the thing to expect before the day starts.

    For example, when I take my kids to the store, one of them will inevitably be asked to look at the Legos. Before we go to the store, I say, “Today we’re going in to buy the things on my list. We won’t be looking at anything extra, please don’t ask me.” Or one day I might say, “We’re going to the store and while we’re here we’re going to look at the Legos, but we’re not going to buy anything, but we can take pictures of the really cool sets that we see and maybe can you earn it later or ask for your birthday. ”

    When we go to the park or go on a trip, we usually take lunch and snacks with us and are not tempted to stop and buy anything.

    Let them know this excursion is the treat that we don’t have to do anything extra for.


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