52 weeks organization: Our bedroom + bathroom


    I have set myself the goal for 2023 to spend 5 minutes every day decluttering/tidying. I share 5 minute projects on Instagram every weekday if you want to get involved. For those who don’t have Instagram or miss some of my stories, I thought I’d do a recap post here each week with a look at the organizing/decluttering I’ve done over the past week.

    Monday: Clean up and organize your bedside table

    I was encouraged because it had been a full year since I’d placed this little dresser by my side of the bed – and it didn’t take much work at all!

    There were a few things I needed to get rid of, a few things I needed to move to another location, and I’ve just made a general rearrangement of what I keep there.

    Tuesday: Spend 5-15 minutes on a project in your room

    I chose to wash our bedspread – something that has had to be done for a while.

    Wednesday: Declutter and organize the top of your dresser

    As you can see, our dressers definitely needed this challenge! 🙂 They’ve become a catch-all for random things lately and I was so glad they were eliminated.

    Thursday: Clean under the sink

    There wasn’t much to clean/declutter under the bathroom sink, but it still felt good to organize it better and move a few items to our upstairs bathroom closet where we keep extra toiletries!

    Friday the bathroom drawers were supposed to be clean but I didn’t get to the project so I postponed it to Monday. Be curious about the pictures of it!

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