# 57: How a Property Sponsor Makes a Deal Ft. Max Sharkansky, Co-Founder of Trion Properties


    Have you ever wondered how a passive real estate deal comes about? Joining this episode is Trion Properties co-founder Max Sharkansky. His team has completed over $ 700 million in apartment building transactions.

    Max pulls back the curtain and gives us an insight into the inner workings of a syndication company.

    More information about Trion Properties can be found here.

    Now let’s look at what we discussed in this episode:

    • How Max co-founded Trion Properties.
    • What it takes to have real estate deals like syndications and funds in front of you.
    • Where Trion Properties first started buying and where they will move in the coming months.

    Here’s a breakdown of how this episode plays out …

    How Trion Properties changed its strategy regarding their property investment plan.

    Where Trion Properties started buying real estate as an investment and where its newest office is opening.

    Where the process begins for a syndication firm when considering putting an investment before an investor

    What Trion needs to win a deal in new markets and what has made it so successful.

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