7 Most Effective Tips For Monetizing A Blog


Blogging can be both a hobby and a source of income. At first, it becomes an additional source of income, and if you are able to drive traffic to your blog in the future, it can even become your main source of income.

One of the hardest parts of monetizing a blog is increasing the number of daily visitors, although only a proper advertising strategy will help you increase that number. It’s also important to find more than a few ways to make money on your blog.

So, in today’s article, we’re going to share some tips and tricks to help you find more ways to monetize your blog.

Tip 1: sell your own goods

If you already have a decent number of daily readers, you can share your own merchandise for some extra cash. If this sounds like a big investment that may not pay off, we make sure that producing the goods over a will be a successful experiment Print on demand Platform.

The best thing about a print-on-demand platform is that you don’t have to predict how many items you will need, order in bulk, or prepay for those large quantities. Second best is that production and delivery are the same as the POD platform. The Number of orders that Printify stores have received tripled in June 2020. The numbers show that Printify is one of the best options for your print-on-demand needs when it comes to orders.

Tip 2: Offer online courses

Depending on the main concept of your blog, you can create an online course and promote it on your blog or teach online. A course will take some time to build up, but then to a form of passive income.

If your readers value you as a personality and follow you on social media, being able to speak to you online might be a bonus point. However, over a longer period of time, online teaching will take more time.

Tip 3: accept guest posts

If your blog has good reviews and is generating a lot of traffic, many link builders may be interested in guest posting on your website. You can either write an article yourself and add their links or accept an article that has already been written by them.

However, when accepting guest posts, be careful what you post. You need to make sure that the link builders are providing content of unique quality and that it conforms to the concept of your blog. Publishing random content for money results in less traffic and nobody wants to guest post more on your blog.

Tip 4: Do some freelance blogging as well

If you are a seasoned blogger and have been blogging your blog for years, you can freelance blogging. More on that when you’ve created and published Quality content On your blog, the link to your blog has worked better than any portfolio over the years.

Visit freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork to find projects that require freelance bloggers. You can also find projects to work on in local or worldwide Facebook freelance groups.

Tip 5: Write Sponsored Reviews

Depending on the main topic of your blog, you can offer paid product or service reviews. For example, if you are a beauty blogger, there are several types of decorative cosmetic brand products you can rate.

On the other hand, if you have a blog that publishes content on topics like marketing or SEO, you will have less review of products or services. However, you can provide your opinion on specific online courses or online tools.

Tip 6: use AdSense

Adding Google AdSense to your website will help you with that Increase your business revenue By showing related ads on your website. This means that every website visitor will see different ads on your website depending on their geographic location, interests, age, gender, etc.

Tip 7: add your own advertising banners

If you want complete control over the type of ads that appear on your blog, you can add stationery banners to your website and offer payment packages for the brands that want to advertise on your website.

If you choose the ads well and make them relative to your blog, your readers will find this useful rather than annoying. For example, if you promote a new online social media marketing course with a discount code, your readers will appreciate it because it is not only informative but also useful.


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