7 reasons to use a money management app (like Yolt)


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    Chances are, your bank’s app is pretty good. However, a dedicated money management application is even better. An app like Yolt might not be on your radar right now, but it should be. Because it could (literally) change the way you view your finances – forever.

    Here are 7 reasons we’re big fans:

    1. For next level budgeting

    You may have noticed recently that nifty budgeting tools are popping up in your banking app. But compared to Yolt, they are behind the curve. Budgeting is the be-all and end-all of the intelligent thinking money app.

    Budgets are a great way to control your spending. With Yolt, you can set one up for just about anything in seconds – from personal hygiene to pets. With a single tap, you can even see how much you’ve spent on each category over the past six months.

    What if it looks like you’re going over budget? Yolt will let you know! If you want to grab your expenses by the neck, you can’t go wrong.

    2. To see all of your money in one place

    Money management apps are all about simplifying finances. And with Yolt you can merge your accounts from different banks on a single screen. Then you can see how much you really have and where. Goodbye app juggling.

    3. Because security is important

    Online security is of the essence and Yolt is our number one priority for your safety.

    To ensure your safety, Yolt ensures that you are really you through a process called “know your customer”. It is a legal process that financial firms must adhere to.

    While it sounds daunting, don’t sweat it – it’s quick and easy. Just have some ID ready when you sign up (like your passport) and you can be up and running in under 15 minutes most of the time.

    And you don’t have to worry about your bank details being used for nefarious reasons either. Yolt uses Open Banking (a secure way to share your financial information with the third party providers you choose).

    You can link your accounts and have a complete view of all your money in minutes.

    4. You don’t have to switch

    Traditional banks want you all to yourself. I would love it if you kept every penny exclusively with you. But many of us have different accounts with different providers. Yolt helps you in banking with whoever you want – and connects the dots between all your accounts.

    There’s no pressure to switch or close your account as Yolt just works – no matter who you bank, save or invest with.

    5. To get instant insights into the money

    With Yolt you always know where you are financially. The app offers easy-to-understand charts and graphs based on your savings and spending habits. This allows you to dive deep into your spending at a glance to see if you’re on the right track and where you’re spending the most – all at a glance.

    6. To see where you can save

    Money managers aren’t just about seeing your money, they can help you save too. Yolt has a smart bill tracker that can help you uncover subscriptions that you may have forgotten. It can even let you know when your recurring costs are going to be higher than usual. Clever.

    7. If you are looking for complete money management

    Yolt is a little different from other money management apps. It comes with its own (ice-white) smart card. It is a prepaid debit card with built-in storage functions (such as rounding up). You can use them anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

    While you will need a Yolt card as part of signing up, there is no pressure to use one. It’s just another great tool in Yolt’s arsenal that can help you take your money to the next level – by saving you money too.

    If you’re really looking for future proof finances, a money management app could be just what you’re looking for. Best of all, Yolt doesn’t cost you a penny.


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