8 Exciting Ways To Make Money As A Dog Lover


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    To meet Bodhi, the dog that makes $ 2,000 + per post for its owner!

    Yena Kim loves puppies as much as you and me. But instead of feeding and keeping Bodhi inside, she pondered how she could make her furry friend a livelihood. And she found one.

    Dress up in menswear, snap some cute looking photos, post on Instagram, and make the world talk. Not long after that, brands flocked to deals.

    The revenue from Bodhi’s recommendations and product campaigns got so high that Kim decided to quit her job as a designer at Ralph Lauren to dress her dog in men’s clothes all day.

    Can you imagine!

    Bodhi legit changed the life of its owner.

    We bet you are already thinking about how those cute looking Goldendoodle doodles sitting in your apartment can bring some income for you too.

    Don’t think too far.

    Instead of just keeping this fluffy creature indoors to keep your kids entertained and make your home a fun place to be, use the tips below to make some extra cash as a dog lover.

    1. Become a local dog trainer

    There are many dog ​​owners out there looking for people to help them train their dogs. As you know, some pooches are just too stubborn to handle. Because of this, their owners sometimes seek help with containment and training of their dogs.

    If you know you can handle dogs and get a dog to do anything you tell them to, then you should reach out to dog owners in your immediate neighborhood to see if any of them can help with their furry friend needed. You could work on training a Goldendoodle puppy, German Shepherd, bull dog, Great Dane, etc.

    2. Become a service dog trainer

    In addition to the average sit, stay, and retrieve commands, some owners may want to train their dogs for special needs. This is especially true for owners with disability problems.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of dogs out there that can serve this purpose. For example, Goldendoodles are particularly known for their therapeutic abilities in helping disabled people lead better lives.

    But before they can do that, they need to be trained. And this is where a service trainer comes in.

    As a service dog trainer, you are expected to train dogs for special purposes.

    If this sounds like something you’re interested in, it may be wise to take online courses to improve your dog trainer skills and then apply to hospitals, disaster areas, assisted living facilities, local families, or physical therapy clinics, to land an appearance.

    3. Become a dog walker

    If you have a dog, you need to be with him almost every day. Otherwise, he could develop some poor health conditions.

    For example, obesity is one of the health problems of dogs like goldendoodles. And this condition arises from inadequate walking and inadequate exercise.

    That is, instead of running your dog for fun; Why not earn some money on the side?

    So grab some more furries and go for a walk everyone together.

    As it is, some people are just too busy to walk their dogs, but they understand the importance of dog walks. As such, they are willing to pay others to do it. If you have the time, this could be a nice gig.

    Plus, walking multiple dogs will give you even more cardio.

    That said, running multiple large dogs can be difficult as they may be too difficult to handle. Better practice would be to choose small breeds of dogs over large ones.

    4. Start an Instagram page for your dog or start a pet blog

    If none of the ideas mentioned so far interest you, how about something similar to Yena Kim with Bodhi?

    Of course, you will not dress your dog in men’s clothing like here. It’s already their signature, and if you do, you might get the copycat tag.

    Instead, you can come up with other photography ideas for your dog. You can take him to appointments and record the events. You can go to parks and track their exploits and then post. Or, you can start an Instagram reality show based on your fur’s extraordinary habits or skills and breathtaking heroics.

    Just think of something fascinating and attention grabbing and post it on Instagram. In time, people will notice you and you will get good advertising deals.

    5. Start a dog food business

    If you look around you will find that dog treats are quickly becoming big business.

    And the reason for this is that many dog ​​owners are now embracing the idea of ​​training dogs with treats. This surge in demand means that anyone who is able to come up with beautiful and tasty dog ​​food ideas now has a tremendous opportunity to make money.

    So, if you know that you can bake cute dog biscuits, don’t hesitate to visit veterinarian clinics, dog groomers, and pet stores for your delicious bags of dog biscuits.

    To increase your sales opportunities, you can give out free samples with your enclosed business card. Do not worry; In no time, people will know you and start making demands.

    6th Become a dog rights advocate

    Dogs cannot speak for themselves. But they also have rights.

    Why not be the voice that fights for these rights?

    Of course, you need to graduate from law school to pursue a career in this field (no small question!). If you are really empathetic towards dogs and have the intelligence to pass the bar exam, this could be a great idea.

    7. Dog photographer

    Are you good with cameras Do you find it easy to put dogs in the right angles and give them nice shots?

    If so, you may want to follow dog photography appearances.

    More than ever, many owners are looking for photographers to get honest shots for their pooches. They are looking for skilled photographers who can take pictures of their furry friends on evenings at birthday parties, adoption parties, and other memorable dog-related events.

    8. Become a dog bather or groomer

    If you discover a dog grooming store anywhere, you probably won’t walk more than three blocks before seeing another. To what extent are dog grooming services in demand now?

    Almost every neighborhood and corner has a dog grooming shop nearby.

    As a dog lover, it might be a good idea to apply for a snow groomer at one of the nearby stores in your area.

    Of course, that would mean you don’t mind getting peed or pooped.

    If you have the money and find that there aren’t many dog ​​grooming services in your area, consider starting your own.

    Most dog owners are too busy to bathe or groom their dogs. Those who even have the time are not adept enough to give their dogs the best bath and trim. As such, these people are willing to pay to get someone to do it for them.


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