9 tips on credit card security for our members


Read these simple tips to keep your Elevations Visa® and other credit cards safe and secure. These are simple steps you can take to protect your financial information.

1. Go paperless

Paperless statements can help keep you safe because you don’t have to worry about emails containing your personal information getting lost or falling into the wrong hands.

2. Create strong passwords

Make sure you use strong passwords for your account, rather than the same password for your bank accounts as other websites, especially those that store your credit card information for online purchases. You can also use multifactor authentication if it is available.

Choose PIN numbers that are hard to guess and that aren’t personal identifiers like the last 4 digits of your social security number or your date of birth.

3. Keep your information up to date

Make sure your information is up to date with your financial institution and notify them of any changes, such as: B. moving to a new address or retrieving a new phone number. This ensures that your financial institution can contact you about unusual transactions. You can review your Elevations account information here.

4th Shop safely online

Only buy from retailers that you trust and recognize. A common scam is having a website that looks like a popular retailer but is a fake. Check the website url. Websites with the address «https» and a lock icon to the left of the URL are secured. If your browser allows you to save your credit card number, you should also turn off the autofill feature as this can leave you vulnerable to fraud. Avoid storing your credit card number in online shopping sites.

5. Lock your card with one swipe

Monitor card activity and temporarily block your card if it is lost or stolen. In online banking, on the Debit & Credit Cards tab, select Set Card Notifications.

6th Check receipts

Take your copy of a receipt with you, if available. It can be helpful to check your receipts against your statement to make sure there is no fraud. When you no longer need a receipt, shred it up, don’t just throw it in the trash.

7. Set account alerts

Set up alerts when certain activities occur, such as: B. large withdrawals or when your balance is low. You can select the «Set account warnings» option on the Additional Services tab in Online Banking. You can also set up card-specific alerts that notify you immediately when your card is used for the criteria you selected (any transaction, large transactions, international transactions, etc.). In Elevations online banking, under the Debit & Credit Cards tab, select «Set Card Notifications».

8th. Monitor accounts from anywhere

Use the Elevations Credit Union mobile app and online banking to check balances and transactions, set notifications, and manage your card. You can download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Checking your account frequently is fundamental to preventing fraud.

9. 24/7 monitoring & Visa Zero Liability ‡

Report suspicious transactions immediately, or if you’ve lost or suspected your card has been stolen. For elevation map holders, we continuously monitor your accounts for suspicious activity around the clock. With Visa Zero Liability ‡ you are protected from fraudulent allegations.

You will never be asked for your PIN, your username or password for online banking, or your full debit or credit card number via email, phone or SMS. In addition, we do not offer to send a text verification code to prove its heights (we do not send these types of text message codes).

If you are unsure whether an email, phone call, or text message is from Elevations, please contact us directly.

You must immediately notify Elevations Credit Union of any unauthorized use and terms and conditions may apply to preliminary credits. For specific restrictions, restrictions, and other details, please contact the Credit Union.

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