A look at the last two weeks


    I took Kaitlynn for her birthday (after we got home from our trip to Kansas). We went shopping and tried this new juice shop. It was $$ but so good!

    This is what I posted on Instagram last week:

    “Will it cause her trauma to say yes?” These are the things you will ask yourself when you say yes to a foster family. There are so many things to think about, pray about, and consider.

    We were both so drawn to saying yes when we got the call about baby D, and we knew we should say yes – even though we didn’t know that much about his case, how long he would be at our house nor what it might entail. But we want to walk by faith instead of living choked with fear.

    Guess what? Baby D wasn’t just a gift for our home, Kierstyn loved him so too! She’s like a little mom to him … always making sure he’s okay, trying to use his suction pump to help comfort him when he’s upset, and – her new thing – trying to change his diaper!

    Instead of causing her to fear and jealousy, he makes her laugh and smile all the time and it brings out that whole caring side that we didn’t know had. (Her first word was his name! She loves him so much!) And again, I think she’s pushing him to work harder to learn new skills because he wants to try to keep up with her.

    Saying yes and jumping into the unknown can be scary, but it could also be the catalyst for some of your greatest (and unexpected!) Blessings and growth.

    I had to go out to eat with a friend and eat with another. That was my dinner at Uncle Julios’ – so delicious!

    He has made great strides in therapy and is so keen to try new things!

    Take a look at it while sitting! This is a new skill we’ve been working on!

    Jesse and I met at The Fainting Goat Coffee. Jesse had never been here before so I had fun taking him!

    We took the younger three children to a local celebration on July 4th.

    And we played together in the kiddy pool (Baby D loves it; Kierstyn isn’t that much of a fan!)

    And had a family afternoon with the Slip N ‘Slide.

    He loved the feel of grass!

    Silas and Jesse have been running a lot of spike ball tournaments lately.

    She’s really into makeup – if you couldn’t tell. 😉 She grabbed my lip gloss and tried to apply something.

    I took her out for a leisurely stroll most late afternoons / early evenings. It’s the perfect way to end the day. I listen to my audio book, we stop and look at flowers, we pick up sticks, we talk to neighbors passing by and we just enjoy the time together.

    I invited Kaitlynn for a celebratory drink because she was just having her first interview. Right after she turned 14, she started researching local jobs that 14 year olds are hiring and then applied to a few and eventually found a job in a retail store – which suits her perfectly!

    Speaking of Kaitlynn, she also had tests for figure skating. She has some big goals when it comes to skating and one of them is to pass a number of levels over the next year.

    She got this ice skating dress online. I gave her a budget and she searched and searched until she found one that she loved and that was in her budget too (it had been worn a couple of times and had a little hole in it so it was half the price of new!)

    She passed her Moves in the Field test for the next level. Here she is on test day with one of her trainers.

    They both wanted me to hold her right after I got up – which is quite common! I don’t know if I can hold both of them at the same time for a long time, but I treasure those moments and days!

    Silas had a baseball tournament last Saturday and Sunday. We’ve seen so many improvements in his pitching, hitting, and running over the past few months and it’s fun to watch him do what he’s so passionate about.

    This happened at the end of one of the games and it was beautiful! More than the baseball skills, we’re grateful for the friendships and character that Silas develops through baseball.

    And this was probably one of the best highlights of the past two weeks – we got to let Champ drop by on an afternoon / evening!

    Words cannot express how much we love this cute boy!

    When he got out of the car at home, he and Kierstyn ran screaming and hugging again and again. (See a video of their hug here.)

    We are so grateful that his mom is fine with him! And we are also deeply grateful to her that she wants us to continue to be regular in his life. Your friendliness towards us touches us deeply. (Also: Do ​​you know one of the most heartwarming things ?? He squeaks when he sees us every time he visits, and he squeaks when he sees his mom when she picks him up at the end of the visit!)

    (By the way, if you’re new here: Champ is the cute baby we brought back from the neonatal intensive care unit last year and cared for for 8 months. Kierstyn was born 4 weeks after we got home and the two have a really close relationship. Beginning of December he reunited with his mom. Saying goodbye to him was one of the hardest things we ever did as a family, but we would do it again in a heartbeat to love him. His life changed our lives forever, and us are very honored to be part of his story!)


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