A look back at the last week


    We were again allowed to babysit Champ twice last week while his mother was working. We discovered that the babies loved playing with the empty Easter eggs! You spent the longest time opening them up and putting them back together!

    If you follow me on Instagram you will know that every day I have a salad with toast and lots of butter for lunch. It’s a habit I started a few years ago and it just stuck! I love making a fun change with what we have on hand!

    Kaitlynn used some of their Curly Girl products at Kierstyn – and Kierstyn thought the absolute best was to be sprayed with water! She kept asking us to do it all over again!

    Did you see that my book «Love-Centered Parenting» is now available in audiobook form? Lots of people can find it for free in their library on the Hoopla or Libby app.

    Silas turned 12 last week !!

    So of course he has some Kansas City Chiefs equipment! (If you’re new here, we’re originally from Kansas and big Chiefs and Royals fans.)

    Champ wasn’t sure what to think of Baby D when he first visited him, but he’s a huge fan now and loves to hug him and try to take care of him. It is the cutest!

    Champ is also a huge fan of brooms. He always wants to get the big broom out of the pantry and try to sweep the kitchen floor! I have to get him a child-friendly broom!

    Happy 12th birthday, Silas! You are a gift to our family!

    Over the past year, I’ve watched you go from being a family baby to being a caring and confident big brother. They learned how to give bottles, change diapers, dress babies, calm down fussy babies, and even deal with reflux (because we sure got a lot of it here!). I love that almost every morning you come to our room first thing to check on the babies and say good morning to them when they are awake. All three babies love you so much.

    I like all of the in-depth conversations we have while you deal with what you believe in on a whole range of topics. You have such wise insight and great questions. You always make me think!

    I love how God wired you to be a strong leader, but I also love seeing how you learn to temper that with kindness and compassion. You are a loyal friend and take great care of others.

    Your sports card / eBay business has picked up this year and your entrepreneurship couldn’t make me more excited! You’re constantly learning and thinking and trying new things – and it’s really starting to pay off! I’ve learned so much about eBay and sports cards from everything you’ve shared with me, and I can’t wait to see where this leads in the future.

    I’ve seen so much maturity in you over the past year. You have gone through the heartache of saying goodbye to Champ and it has given you more empathy and compassion for others. You made mistakes and owned them like a man. They had tough conversations. You stood up for the outsider. You cheered others on when they got an opportunity that you really would have loved. And you faced your fears with courage and courage.

    More than anything, I loved watching your heart for the Lord and your desire to seek Him and honor Him with your life – even when it isn’t popular or cool to do.

    I am so proud of you and love you more than you can imagine.

    I was allowed to take in some of the ladies from my care group for a fun evening of talking, laughing and getting to know each other better. I am grateful for the gift these women are in my life!

    We are currently spending a lot of time on the ball field.

    Kierstyn practiced her walking and paced the sidewalk at Saturday’s baseball game.

    She also loved petting our friends’ dog (although she wasn’t exactly sure what to do when the dog licked her!)

    I’ve tried these pressure nails instead of my usual dip polish. So far I’ve been pretty impressed!

    Silas was having a birthday party with some of his friends at a local trampoline park. The girls enjoyed participating!

    And then the week ended with a brief visit from my mother and my youngest brother, Zachary. He graduated from BJU on Friday and he and my mom drove back to Kansas. They stopped by for a while and it was so nice to see them!

    I was excited to be able to see my mom on Mother’s Day weekend as that doesn’t usually happen!

    My mother is one of the most giving, selfless people I have ever known. I sometimes wonder if she can sleep at all … she is always thinking of other people in front of herself, looking for ways to bless and encourage others to stay up late or to get up early to pray for someone or to give them a note of encouragement write

    One of my earliest childhood memories is getting up at 4 or 4:30 a.m. to have some water and finding my mother in the family room reading her Bible and praying.

    Thank you so much for the example you gave me, mom! I am so grateful for you and love you!

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