A look back at the last week


    We decided on a whim to go to the folk festival last Monday evening. They offered free entry if you brought 4 donation items per person to give to the local animal shelter.

    We brought our good friend Zeke with us.

    Of course that’s how they wanted to go on the Spinny Rides! I was happy to hold their wallets and phones and watch!

    Silas wanted to go to the ferris wheel with me. I’m not a fan of rides put on trucks and set up, but if your 12 year old asks you to ride him on the Ferris wheel, say yes!

    That’s why we came back from the fair. It was the cutest!

    We painted our room!

    He sits up more and more! He still needs a lot of help with this, but he’s making slow and steady progress!

    All the therapy really makes a difference!

    We started again with the youth group in the church last week! We missed it! (Jesse and I both help run a small group.)

    You will never guess what happened last week!

    We took Silas, Kierstyn and Baby D to a new cafe and after we placed our order the woman behind us in line asked us a question about Baby D. Come to find out she has a 10 year old daughter who also has Down syndrome and cleft lip and palate !!! It was the first time we’ve met someone who has a child with both of them! (It’s very rare to have all three.)

    I can’t say what a gift and encouragement it was to speak to someone who has walked this path before and who has so much wisdom! Plus – it’s local and we exchanged contact information !!

    Here’s the crazy thing: We almost didn’t go to the cafe that night. We had planned to leave much earlier, but then some things came and I said in frustration, “Let’s just forget about our coffee date idea!” Jesse said, “No, I really want to go!”

    The woman told us at the end of our conversation that she shouldn’t be there at this time either. But God orchestrated the things that came up at home, so we ran an hour later than planned and this woman came over when she did so so we could both be in this cafe in the same 10 minute window!

    It was such a reminder for me that God is in the details and that I can trust Him to do the big and small things in my life. And that sometimes, what seems like a frustrating delay or interruption, God’s hand could be at work to make a divine appointment possible!

    Also take a look at what the barista wrote on my coffee cup: God has you!

    Today – in the hard and in the good, in the unexpected and mundane, in the interruptions and waiting, in the change of plan, in the things that could feel frustrating – remember: God has you!


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