A look back at the last week


    This is the scene every single morning before they go to school. And it’s the cutest!

    She is a little mom to him – she always helps and teaches him.

    And kissing and hugging him and taking care of him.

    Something super exciting and special happened last week – my dear friend Kate adopted cute Gigi !!

    If you’d like to read more of her story, check out Kate’s post here.

    I was privileged to interview two people for the upcoming episodes of the Crystal Paine Show – Ruth Chou Simons and …

    And Katie Reid. (And I realized I had to organize the cables on the podcast table !!)

    It’s fall ball season again! Silas had his first baseball game on Saturday. He started a travel team this year + he still plays on a rec team (and will be on his school team too!) So there will be lots and lots of baseball in our future. And i love it! I just love watching my boy do what he loves and what he is passionate about.

    We had to visit Champ on two different days last week. These two are just the best of friends!

    Jesse turned 41. I can’t think of a better picture that shows who he is than this one. He gives of himself all day to love and serve our families and others. To see him love on Champ and Baby D and Kierstyn is just so beautiful, beautiful. He gave up so much sleep and time that he wanted to pour into these three little ones.


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