A look back at the past week (+ my 10 goals for this week!)


    She loves her papa so much!

    A few last cuddles before heading back to TN.

    My mother shows Kierstyn all the different cousins ​​and aunts and uncles (they have family photos on their fridge).

    Hotel room activities with a toddler: Set them up in front of everyone and let them do their own version of the head, shoulders, knees, and toes.

    Home! It was so nice to sleep in our own beds again!

    Mixing Baby D’s formula – he’s tube weaning, which means he’s ingesting small amounts of a higher-calorie mixture to make room in his stomach for oral feeding as well.

    This is an example of what Kierstyn and Baby D’s meals are currently like. Our nutritional therapist lets us work to ensure that Baby D has one tablespoon of carbohydrates / starches, one tablespoon of fruits / vegetables, and one tablespoon of protein with each meal. We are not there yet (a lot is spat out again because he is still learning to swallow consistently), but we shoot at that!

    Laundry after the vacation!

    My sister-in-law gave me this loose tea and a tea strainer for Christmas and I love it as a pick-me-up in the afternoon together with some chocolate that Jesse’s parents gave us in our stocking!

    Since Jesse was gone to the New Year’s Eve funeral and I wasn’t feeling well, I sent Kathrynne to the store to buy fun snacks for the evening for a snack-y «dinner.»

    We started the new year with a tornado warning!

    And then, two days later, we got snow! Welcome to the weather in the south!

    Help Daddy fix the bathroom sink.

    My 10 goals for last week

    The last week didn’t go as I planned – but that’s life sometimes! We traveled home from Kansas on Wednesday and Thursday and some of us (including myself) got sick (likely all weather changes + travel + not much sleep while traveling).

    Also, one of our longtime friends passed away, and as soon as we got home Jesse turned around about 30 minutes later and flew to the airport to fly back to Kansas to be with the family on the day of the funeral. So he was there for two days while we tried to relax and get going after being away for 8 days.

    Although I didn’t accomplish that much on my goal list, I still celebrate the progress I’ve made!

    Personal goals

    • Create a Spotify playlist of my favorite uplifting songs.
    • Delete 5000 photos and videos from my phone.

    Reading goals

    Family goals

    • Have a family game night.
    • Go on a date with Jesse.

    Business / blogging goals

    • Write a post with my goals for 2022.
    • Make a contribution to my Top Books Read in 2021.

    Book destinations

    • Read 10 Chapters + Intro and Epilogue aloud to Jesse.
    • Write 3,000 words for the end of the book.

    My 10 goals for this week

    From Thursday to Sunday of this week I will be competing in the US Figure Skating Championship with Kaitlynn. We’re so excited to have them in Nashville – especially in an Olympic year! If interested, I’ll share some pictures and videos on Instagram!) So I tried to plan my goals with that in mind!

    Personal goals

    Reading goals

    Family goals

    • Have a family game night.
    • Take Kaitlynn to the US Figure Skating Championships.

    Business / blogging goals

    • Write a post with my goals for 2022.
    • Write a contribution to my word of the year 2022.

    Book destinations

    • Go through each of the rough draft chapters in the book to make changes.
    • Write 2000 words for the end sections of the book.

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