A turning point in technology


    While Donville Kent is not geographically between Canada and the United States, most of the tech companies that grab our attention are listed in Canada. Below are our top picks in various technology industries.

    E-COMMERCE. Wishpond Technologies (WISH.V) provides digital marketing solutions and cloud-based software to assist SMBs with a range of marketing initiatives, including lead generation, sales conversion, and analytics. The company posted record quarterly revenue with year-over-year growth of 73% in the second quarter of 2021, driven by strong organic growth and contributions from the acquisitions of Invigo and PersistIQ.

    FINTECH. Nuvei (NVEI.TO) is a global payment technology partner with a proprietary platform that provides seamless deposit and withdrawal capabilities and connects merchants with customers in 200 markets worldwide. The company offers support for more than 470 local and alternative payment methods, as well as nearly 150 currencies and 40 cryptocurrencies. Revenue grew 114% in the second quarter, driven by a 146% increase in the total value of transactions processed by merchants in dollars. Nuvei recently announced the acquisition of Simplex, a provider of payment solutions for cryptocurrencies.

    DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT. Media-Valet (MVP.TO) offers the largest global presence of all digital asset management solutions. In the second quarter, the company grew revenue 29%, and 90% of that came from monthly recognition of annual SaaS subscriptions. MediaValet has a diverse, yearly recurring revenue base, with no sector more than 12%, and its pipeline is growing rapidly. Consolidation in this area suggests that MediaValet would be a strong acquisition target due to product growth rates.

    HEALTH CARE. Vitalhub (VHI.V) offers healthcare providers software for managing e-health records, patient flow and case management. Revenue rose 111% in the second quarter (80% of which was recurring). The company recently announced the acquisition of Alamac, a data analytics company focused on patient safety, patient plans, patient outcomes and patient flow – the eleventh acquisition since 2017. Vitalhub has received conditional approval for inclusion on the TSX.


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