Advisor finder Zoe Financial launches Zoe Wealth Platform


    Zoe Financial, a find-an-advisor service, is launching the Zoe Wealth Platform, a new service that offers instant account opening for clients working with a financial advisor and offers account funding, automated rebalancing and commission-free fractional stock trading the companies.

    «The new platform expands wealth management offerings from hiring the advisor to opening investment accounts and growing wealth while investing with the advisors,» said Andres Garcia-Amaya, CEO and Founder of Zoe Financial.

    Garcia-Amaya said they differentiate themselves from other companies in this space by offering a «seamless, integrated experience.»

    «There are lead generation offerings and other companies are offering a TAMP,» Garcia-Amaya said. “Other platforms have layered experiences that result in a disjointed experience for consumers and advisors. We make the client advisor match a smooth experience and ensure that the client is just one click away from investing with a financial advisor. This is a game changer for RIAs as it allows them to save time on marketing, operational and investment processes and ultimately free up bandwidth to focus on deepening customer relationships and growing their business.”

    Zoe Financial has experienced exponential growth over the past few years.

    Launched February 2018, The company began by building a small network of fee-based financial advisors.

    As of May 2021, more than 2,600 individual independent advisors are using the lead generation platform and clients matched with Zoe Network Advisors account for $410 billion in assets under management.

    Currently, advisors using Zoe’s lead generation platform manage $700 billion in AUM representing about 500 RIA firms, Garcia-Amaya said.

    With the new wealth management platform, Zoe Financial has partnered with Apex Fintech Solutions to offer custody and clearing solutions.

    “Unlike existing competitors, Apex Fintech Solutions offers APIs for various aspects of building a wealth platform, e.g. These include digital account opening, cash and securities transfers, rebalancing, and commission-free and fractional trading, among others,” said Garcia-Amaya. «These offerings allow us to give our customers the customer experience they deserve.»

    Olivia Eisinger, who leads the consulting channel at Apex Fintech Solutions, said they are «thrilled to support digital challengers to the consulting world like Zoe, who are committed to helping consultants streamline their workflows and create scale across their organizations.» .

    «By combining Apex’s modern onboarding, service and trading capabilities, together we have created a seamless experience for today’s advisors and their clients,» said Eisinger. «We’re proud to launch a trusted platform, powered by a uniquely connected ecosystem, as we work with Zoe to shape the future of consulting.»

    William Trout, director of wealth management at Javelin Strategy & Research, said advisory technology is widely adopted at the moment, but «Zoe’s latest move is a step ahead.»

    “Advisor matching is indeed one thing. Big banks like Bank of America Merrill and JPMorgan Chase offer it. Huntington National Bank uses InvestCloud’s Find My Advisor tool to power its Advisor Connect platform. Now a cohort of smaller fintechs has emerged, connecting clients not only with banks but also with independent advisors. Those data-driven challenges include providers like SmartAsset, Wealthramp and, of course, Zoe Financial,” Trout said. “The advisor matching process offered by competitors is typically ‘black box’ and fragmented in terms of both advisor and end-user experience. With Zoe Wealth Platform, the company offers an all-in-one solution that combines setup and execution. It’s hardly surprising that Apex Fintech Solutions, the administrator of choice for robo advisors and other digital advisory providers, is helping lead the charge.”

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