All About Inflation (Part 2)


    all about inflation (part 2)

    Tips on dealing with inflation

    by Matt Elliott, Pulse Financial Planning

    Inflation rates have recently risen to levels we haven’t seen in over 30 years. Persistent inflation can create real challenges as your purchasing power deteriorates over time.

    If higher prices are a burden on your finances, there are 3 things you can do to minimize the impact:

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    Everything about inflation

    by Grant Bledsoe, Three Oaks Wealth

    From October 2020 to October 2021, the consumer price index for all urban consumers rose 6.2 percent, which was the most significant 12-month increase since November 1990, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With that in mind, we turned to today’s episode to learn more about inflation. In this episode, Grant shares his thoughts on the impact of inflation on the current economic environment and numerous ways to mitigate the risk of inflation.

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    The Federal Reserve’s Hawkish Turn

    by Robert Stoll, Financial Design Studio

    The normally quiet Thanksgiving trading period was far from this year. Stocks were whipped up in a trading session curtailed by the holidays on Friday when news of a new variant of COVID hit the wires. We were given respite on Monday, only to be met by restrictive comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Tuesday. In his words, it is time to remove the word «temporarily» from describing inflation. What does this restrictive turnaround by the Federal Reserve mean for investors?

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    Examination of our thesis: will higher inflation ultimately hurt stock prices?

    by Robert Stoll, Financial Design Studio

    Last fall, we started talking about the prospect of higher inflation and what that would mean for the stock market. Our thesis was that if inflation rose, stocks would suffer. In the past year we have certainly had a strong inflation rate, more than we thought. Still, stocks are at all-time highs, up over 20% this year. Has the link between (higher) inflation and (lower) stocks been broken? We don’t believe In this month’s letter, we explain why we believe: 1) inflation will continue to surprise positively and b) why stocks will have to reckon with this inflationary reality at some point.

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    For more information on inflation, see:

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