Almost 6 weeks since COVID came


    of hope

    The week I decided to get off was the week I was taken down by COVID. (And no, I never got out.) It was 4pm on Wednesday and I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I decided to take a quick nap. And that was it…

    The next morning, I woke up more sick than ever in my entire life. I thought it was the flu. I set up a telemedicine call to get instructions and the doctor assured me it was COVID as there are no flu cases (his words, not mine). His advice … take Tylenol for a fever, Motrin for body aches and whatever works the cough. It will be gone in 10 days.

    I wasn’t there most of the time … could barely stay awake most of the time and when I was awake everything was blurry.

    Day 11 … I was hospitalized with COVID pneumonia. I lasted as long as I could, but it didn’t get any better.

    Sea Cadet checked me in. Being a local paramedic, he had a little more freedom to be in the room with me. Although I didn’t see him again after my admission until I was checked out.

    Back home to relax

    4 days later, 2 of those days in the intensive care unit … I was sent home with 10 prescriptions to be given daily and a little better. I had some great nurses at home. The gymnast made sure I was taking all of my medication and gave the daily shots. He made sure that I had healthy, diabetic-friendly food and that I always had a full cup of water. Fortunately, I’ve slowly recovered over the past 3 weeks and now I feel 85% like me.

    I am really grateful that I am alive and able to stand for even more than 6 minutes and stay awake for most of the day. I’ve been back to work full-time for the past two weeks, although I had to take lots of breaks and nap reading in the first week. But they were so great! And I started driving again last week. (It was kind of nice to be chauffeured everywhere.

    Life went on

    A lot has happened in the last 6 weeks, even when I’m not there. I look forward to informing you. The highlights include:

    • Prom – all three teenagers were in attendance.
    • Beauty – got her driver’s license and a car.
    • Graduation is only a month away and family summer trips have been planned and booked.
    • I am thinking of buying our house again.
    • Renovation work is being carried out in our house.
    • Princess got into a single car wreck with two friends in the car. Luckily it was small but super scary for this mom.

    I will write more in the coming weeks. But now I’m super busy trying to keep myself busy with work and kids and preparing for the princess birthday and both girls graduation.


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