Alts Platform CAIS appoints Marketing Exec Abby Salameh as CMO


    Abby Salameh, who stepped down from her role as Hightower’s Chief Marketing Officer in February, has landed at CAIS, an alternative investment platform for the wealth management industry. Salameh will serve as the company’s CMO beginning November 8, reporting to CAIS Founder and CEO Matt Brown.

    When Salameh left Hightower earlier this year, she thought she would retire from the wealth management industry. “I just couldn’t sit still that long,” she said in an interview with

    A few months ago, Salameh began looking for her next opportunity, saying she could be selective in choosing her next company. She spoke to about 20 different firms, targeting fintechs and those pioneering in providing financial advisor services.

    “After building some big RIA companies, I just felt it was time to do something different and serve the RIAs in a different capacity,” said Salameh.

    She said she is attracted to CAIS, which does not have a CMO, because the company uses size and technology to help advisors access alternative investments for their clients.

    “I believe in the mission to put these diverse investment solutions in the hands of advisors so they can use them for their clients,” she said. “If you look at the retail investor, the wealthy investor, a lot of them don’t have a diversified portfolio, and they really don’t have to be correlated to the markets and stocks and bonds, and that’s one of how we can help them do that.”

    Salameh will be responsible for building the CAIS brand and growing it. She can also get involved in business strategy and M&A work.

    “The first thing I’ll probably do is take a look, does the brand represent the company’s mission?” She said. “And if it doesn’t represent the company’s mission, do a quick review of what the industry thinks of CAIS and then synthesize the research and then make sure the message articulates the brand’s vision and mission, and then truly world class -Build a marketing organization that can help drive the introduction of alternative investments and the all-important part of education. Because you are talking about complex investment solutions. “

    Salameh says that she will bring CAIS a different point of view because she herself worked in large RIA companies. Prior to joining Hightower, she was CMO of the Private Advisor Group, a hybrid RIA firm and super OSJ of LPL Financial. Prior to that, she was Senior Vice President at Kestra Financial.


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