Am I going into debt again?


    Remember when I said my son’s emergency room was close to $ 1,000? Puppy, I was wrong. It turned out that the first invoice came from the doctor. A second invoice came in from the hospital in the mail. Apparently they don’t settle accounts together. That would be just silly.

    The second bill is for $ 2,000. $ 2,000 !! Holy Moly! The total cost of stitches on my son’s chin was $ 3,000! I called the hospital to negotiate a lower price. Dave Ramsey swears this is possible. It is not. The hospital refused to give in. They offered me to make payments for 6 months.

    That’s the deal. I have $ 2,000 in my HSA but it’s invested and doing well. I know I’ll have bigger health or dentist bills in the future so I really don’t want to touch this if I can avoid it. I have $ 2,000 in my emergency fund and yes I consider this an emergency, but it is invested as well. Easy to pull out if needed, but same reasoning here, I don’t want to touch this money if I can avoid it. So this leaves me here … staring at debt ??

    I can afford the monthly payment and the hospital does not charge interest to spread this bill over 6 months. It makes the most sense financially, but I hate to use this option because I think it’s debt. Owe someone. Make payments. Sounds a lot like debt. My husband disagrees and wants to make the payments.

    This is a good time to stretch my brain and think about other ideas. There has to be something I can do without withdrawing money from my emergency fund or HSA. I searched my categories for places to rob Peter to pay Paul and focused on the auto replacement fund. It is not invested and I have no plans to use it in the next 6 months. I can deduct it from there and pay back payments to the car replacement fund for 6 months. Not optimal, but if I’m really in a bind, I can file a claim with the HSA for the $ 2,000 and put it in the car fund.

    I’m curious, however, if I didn’t have the car fund to borrow and pay instead, would you consider this debt?

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