Am I suing?


    Our bathroom was renovated in May. And then in June … there was a tragedy. One of the glass doors just broke spontaneously while Princess was bathing. When I say shattered, I mean shattered!

    She was covered in cuts, glass in her feet, hands, everywhere. You can imagine how traumatic that was.

    And before you ask, the door had no trauma, it didn’t open or close it, it took a bath and it literally burst and speared it with broken glass. (I have pictures of her covered in cuts, but they’re pretty bloody so I didn’t mean to post them here.)

    I was sitting in my room no more than 15 meters from the door when it happened.

    Exchange and repairs completed

    The supplier who supplied the doors and the contractor who originally installed them both quickly jumped in to supply replacement glass and have it reinstalled. (The two are not related.) Sea Cadet and I spent hours cleaning up the glass in both the bathroom and bedroom, it floated out the door. And then we found glass in Princess for several days. (At the time of this writing, she has healed with only a few visible scars on the chest and hands.)

    I had to pay the contractor, but it was minimal. He was very thorough on his inspection and documented everything so we could be sure it wasn’t an installation problem.

    What do you want?

    I recently received a letter from the seller essentially asking what compensation we are asking for. To be honest, while I brought the pictures to you when I reported it, I didn’t think about filing a lawsuit. But I think they did.

    And I don’t want to set an example for my children to be “sue happy”. But on the other side…

    While researching the manufacturer of this glass, I came across several reviews of “spontaneous combustion” problems. Princess was / is traumatized by it. We’re both a little. I’m SUPER CAREFUL with the shower doors and I’m sure they are too. What if it was a younger child? What if the glass met her eyes? So many what if?

    She couldn’t use her hands for almost a week. Her feet were bandaged for a week.

    You get the point …

    So now I’m wondering what “we want” in response to your letter of application. And I’m absolutely unsure how to react to that. Proposals?

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