Amazon Prime: is it worth the price?


    Since many of you recently signed up for an Amazon Prime trial to receive the Prime Day deals, you may be wondering, “Is it worth paying for an Amazon Prime subscription?”

    I recently surveyed my audience and asked them this question. As you can imagine, I’ve received a myriad of responses – some from die-hard Amazon Prime fans, some from those who think it’s a complete waste of money, and some from people who are in the thick of it and think it’s a Money saving option or it could be something not worth the cost.

    In this article, I’m going to share some of the answers I’ve heard over and over to help you decide whether or not Amazon Prime is worth the cost to you.

    How much does Amazon Prime cost?

    Let’s talk about numbers first. A regular Amazon Prime subscription costs $ 12.99 per month (plus tax) or $ 119 per year (plus tax). Every now and then they offer a discounted price for a few days but I haven’t seen a discount in a while.

    If you’re a college student, you can get a Student Prime membership that gives you free for the first 6 months and costs $ 6.49 / month thereafter. If you are an eligible recipient of government assistance, you may also be eligible for a discounted rate of $ 5.99 per month on Amazon Prime. (Foster Care: If you have a child who is on WIC, you qualify too!)

    What do you get with your subscription?

    For a long time, many people thought of Amazon Prime as “free two-day shipping.” That could be a huge benefit if you order a lot from Amazon. However, over the past year, some items stopped shipping in two days or less (though some depends on what you order and how close you are to an Amazon warehouse) BUT they offer so many other perks for those who are Amazon Prime members.

    Here are some of the favorite benefits you all loved to mention:

    An alternative to the cable

    If you have an Amazon Prime account, you have free access to many movies and shows. (Many aren’t free, but there are many that are free with your Amazon Prime subscription.) “We don’t pay a monthly cable or satellite bill, so we’re saving a lot of money on entertainment, even though we pay for subscriptions to Prime, Netflix and Frndly. ”-Jennifer

    Incidentally, Prime Video is cheaper than Netflix. So, if you have Netflix, it might be worth checking out whether switching to Amazon Prime is a better option – since you get a lot more than just streaming!

    Clare said, “I’m not sure it’s just worth shipping, but Prime Video is cheaper than Netflix (and seems cleaner). As a homeschooling mom, I’ve found so much documentation for my kids on this platform. It’s also great for downloading movies for the toddler in the car onto phones or tablets. “

    $ 8 / month for free shipping – no matter what you spend

    “Prime is only $ 100 for the year, that’s $ 8 a month, for free shipping no matter how much you spend, and most of the time it’s the next day here, Amazon Prime TV and Amazon Music. It’s absolutely worth it! ” -Vanessa

    Regarding free shipping, Joy says, “For our family, shipping from Prime alone is worth it. Also, they sometimes offer slow shipping digital credits that we use to rent or buy films. “

    There is also the convenience factor to consider, as Erin wrote, “I live in the middle of nowhere and can get a lot of things that I can’t get easily. I can make a large order of these things and get amazon online too. Is it perfect No, but it works for my family. “

    It enables you to get quotes more easily

    Tracy said, “If I get a quote for something worth $ 5, I can take advantage of free shipping and make the offer and get free shipping and have it shipped in two days. This also saves fuel as I can know exactly when my order is arriving! Amazon prime pays for itself many times over per year! “

    (Note: While this can be a plus, it can also be a disadvantage – because Amazon makes it SO easy to spend money!)

    Prime music

    Katie says, “We like it for the free shipping, great music, and great video options. I also take advantage of the best reading options with my Kindle app. My kids love first class music. They all have a playlist with their favorite songs. “

    (Note: You can also get lots of free streaming music on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, or other places. Yes, you may have to deal with some commercials if you don’t have a paid account, but there are many ways to access music for free on the Internet.)

    Free Kindle Books

    If you’re a reader, having access to free Kindle books could be a huge plus. As Sharon wrote, “The big thing for me, however, is my Kindle books. I read 5-6 books a week and would be out of reading material if I didn’t have Prime. “

    (Note: You can get many of the Kindle books for free without a Prime membership. Also, check your local library to see if they offer ebooks and audiobooks for free through the Hoopla or Libby app.)

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    Photo storage

    Get unlimited full-resolution photo storage and 5 GB for videos with an Amazon Prime subscription. Jessica said: “For us, it’s worth it for photo storage. It is a very economical way to store full size photo files for backup purposes for someone interested in photography. ”

    It could save you time

    When you have a really fulfilling life, just being able to order online can be very helpful! As Danae wrote, “For me, it’s a quality of life thing … it saves me a lot of time, ordering something small that I need and getting it in a few days without going to the store, which means that I can can use this time for my family or my house or my work. “

    Download shows and movies to your device

    If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can download shows and films from Prime and watch them later. Deidre shared how this has been of great help to her family: “You can download shows and movies from Prime and watch them on a tablet or phone without having internet service. We use it for car trips, flights, when the power fails and I frighten restless toddlers, and when I know that we have to wait a lot at the dentist, doctor, etc. “

    Are You Really Saving Money?

    While there are many benefits to having an Amazon Prime subscription, some people told me that they felt that it actually encouraged them to spend more, and that they could easily wait until they had $ 35 in their cart, to get free shipping.

    As Nicole says, “I had Prime YEARS and gave up a few years ago. And imagine…. I dont miss it! Isn’t the subscription worth it to me. I can wait for $ 35 to get free shipping. I also don’t buy small things on the spur of the moment. And I’ve been watching Prime videos the whole time – don’t miss it at all. I easily fill this time with other things. “

    I’d love to hear from you: Do you think Amazon Prime is worth the cost? Why or why not?

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