American Express Shop Small is offering £ 5 back on £ 15 spend


    The past few months have been a real challenge for small businesses. To show its support, American Express has enabled Shop Small to return £ 5 to cardholders when they spend £ 15 or more on a single in-store transaction with up to 5 different small shops. Conditions apply. To find out how to get involved, search for: Shop Small UK.

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    This post was originally written in partnership with American Express when it was first published in September 2020. The post has since been updated.

    What is Amex Shop Small?

    Shop Small is an American Express promotion that allows cardholders to earn up to £ 25 in cashback.

    The offer is designed to help smaller, local businesses and you can get £ 5 cashback when you spend £ 15 or more with a participating local business.

    You can use the offer up to 5 times at different locations, ie you can earn 25 € credit.

    As American Express® cardholders, we were both able to make good use of the offer this year.

    We’re not exactly big buyers of “stuff,” and I make sure I get a really good deal when I shop. If I plan on a purchase of around € 15, I can essentially save 50% – and that’s exactly what I did in one of my favorite little stores.

    I was able to buy a board game, some candy for the kids, and a new wine bottle opener (our cheaper one broke a few months ago!) For around £ 16. I was happy to pay that much, but I also get £ 5 back from American Express!

    Shop small email

    It really is a great excuse to start shopping for Christmas sooner. Starting a few months early can help spread the cost, but again the offer will help reduce your overall spending.

    Taking advantage of this offer means it’s cheaper for me and small businesses get a boost – win, win!

    We run a small business ourselves and we know how much effort, energy and time it takes to keep a business going, especially in a year like 2020!

    How do I get the offer?

    You need to make sure that you register your card for the offer as it will not activate automatically but it is really simple.

    Simply register your card via the American Express® app or log into your American Express account and save the offer on your card – done!

    Then every time you shop at a local participating store you will receive £ 5 cashback on purchases over £ 15.

    Amex Shop Small Card

    Shop Klein 2020

    To make things easier, American Express has created a map that you can use to search for participating small businesses and retailers.

    Enter your zip code, make sure you select the Shop Small filter, and you get plenty of local stores that give you £ 5 free when you spend £ 15.

    It’s not just shops where you can redeem the offer.

    There are all sorts of small businesses and local businesses involved in the campaign such as:

    • Restaurants and takeaways
    • bars
    • Hairdressers
    • Magazine and convenience stores
    • Entertainment options
    • Dry cleaning
    • mechanics
    • Travel agency
    • Hotels
    • Cinemas
    • theatre
    • Entertainment options

    Participating small businesses can also display a Shop Small sticker in their storefront so you don’t have to look at the map.

    This will remind you to pay with your Amex card to get the £ 5 shop small offer.

    How often can I use the small offer in the American Express Shop?

    Pay with Amex

    Earn £ 5 credit when you spend £ 15 or more in any of the participating stores.

    However, it is not just a one-off – you can take advantage of the offer up to 5 times per card and once per participating location.

    So if you have set up an additional cardholder on your account, save the offer on the other card so that you can use Shop Small.

    How long does the credit take?

    The £ 5 credit should appear on your card statement within 5 days of purchase. This can sometimes take up to 90 days.

    If you have an American Express Cashback Card, you will also receive your normal cashback.

    Support local and Shop Small

    local business

    American Express Cashback Cards are a great way to make money back with our daily expenses.

    At one point I budgeted with cash because I knew I had to spend a certain amount every month. The problem was, with all the money out of one account, I couldn’t easily see how much I could still spend and how much was earmarked for bills.

    So we started thinking about how we could adapt the envelope budgeting method. We don’t use a lot of cash, so the classic method wouldn’t work and we wanted to keep everything in digital pots.

    It works well for us to have separate bank accounts for different bills, and we can see the money sinking into their individual pots. Instead of using cash from a bank account as we would spend it anyway, we decided to use an American Express cashback credit card for our daily expenses.

    Shop Small UK

    Regardless of whether it is grocery shopping, things for the children or family enjoyment, we pay with the credit card, earn cashback for our expenses and settle the remaining amount in the next month.

    When using a credit card to spend, only spend what you can afford.

    To find out how to get £ 5 back when you shop with independent businesses, search for: Shop Small UK.

    Which American Express card does it work with?

    The American Express Shop Small campaign is a benefit of all Amex cards.

    Regardless of whether you are looking for a card with no annual fees, a cashback card or a bonus card, all cards are equipped with many functions.

    This is where you can check your eligibility for a card without affecting your creditworthiness.

    Can you use Amex Shop Small online?

    You cannot use the small offer from Amex Shop online. The idea is to support small businesses on the high street, and many of them don’t have a website or large online presence.

    One thing to watch out for in restaurants as many are now asking you to order through an app. If you pay with an American Express card via the app, even though you are physically in the small business, the transaction will be displayed online (via the app) and will not be registered as part of the Amex Shop Small campaign.

    How often does Amex Shop Small?

    The American Express Shop Small campaign runs at various times throughout the year to support small independent businesses. It’s also a great promotion for cardholders to get some back when they shop.

    The Shop Small Offer has been running since 2012. Amex is also promoting the Small Business Saturday, which falls on the first Saturday in December every year.

    Shop Small usually runs twice a year.

    The next Shop Small Offer runs from December 4 to December 15, 2021.

    Previous shop small dates

    The campaign last ran in June 2021.

    The Amex Shop Small Offer ran for two weeks in December 2020.

    Before that, the offer ran from June to September 2020 as retailers reopened after the lockdown.

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