An unexpected business benefit – computers for kids


of hope

I received an unexpected email from our HR department a few weeks ago. In addition to my new company that pays half the tutoring for their employers’ children, they bought a large number of Dell Chromebooks and offered them to employees at cost.

The final cost was $ 200, spread over four payment periods in which it was used as a wage deduction. A phenomenal proposition for a great computer for school age kids. I replied quickly and got one for Turner. It arrived last week and I only have 3 payments left.

It should get through his final 2 1/2 years of high school and even college easily … no promises there. But keep your fingers crossed!

Why didn’t I get princess one?

I can’t remember if I shared my Christmas surprise for Princess. She really wanted a Mac book over the past few years. Needless to say, no more than $ 1,000 was on my budget for a student computer. (I had planned to go to their high school with the family if I could make it and hopefully take advantage of the educational sales they have over the summer.)

BUT my youngest brother’s company sold their old corporate laptops … all Mac books. He let me know on Thanksgiving and kindly went up to them to see a preview when they went on sale. I gave him my deal that broke the spec and he brought us one.

As a result, I was able to get her an older Mac book for $ 199 + $ 40 for shipping for Christmas. A steal if you’ve ever had Mac books for the price. It works wonderfully and she was shocked at Christmas! Result!

(I may have shared this before, but couldn’t remember.) But either way, they both have solid computers for school. Her last ones stopped working – Turner for abuse and Princess Screen just stopped working.


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