August 2021 Passive Income – Great Times! – Canadian passive income



    • 0 dividend increases
    • 4 passive sources of income
    • $ 322.99 from dividends
    • 5 stocks dripped in August

    Hey hey hey!

    The market just always shows green. It’s actually a little annoying, show me some red! Haha do you know what i’m saying? I’m still in accumulation mode.


    What a fantastic month. Life has been really amazing for us lately (if we ignore all the Covid news) it was hot, hot, and we did our best to get out and enjoy things. Work hard, play hard!

    • We started the month with a family camping trip to Darlington Provincial Park. (we were 21 of us) It wasn’t my favorite park, a little too close to the city. But what he lacked in animals it made up for in good conversation and just hanging out with the family.
    • The following weekend my parents watched the children and the wife and I had a child-free weekend with a friend. It was a huge cornhole tournament. I’m usually pretty good, but the beers were cold and flowed well. We lost our first 2 games and were eliminated. That night the hosts hired a band and we had a full concert. It was amazing to hear nothing like live music again. We also hit the tubes, kayaks, ATVs and briskets.
    • The kids have both finished soccer for the season. You both have metals, everyone gets a trophy these days, right? My sons games are getting more and more competitive so it’s fun to watch, he’s pretty good.
    • It was the woman’s birthday this month. We went out for mandarin! Oh yeah we did it, nothing like all you can eat at the buffet. I was allowed to sit right by the huge salt water tank and the kids had a great time.
    • We ended the month with another camping trip to another new park – Earl Rowe. The place was really nice. Unfortunately the pool was closed due to Covid and the beach was closed due to Ecoli. We still fished, hiked and of course roasted the marshmallows. I think we will try this park again.

    We were away 3 out of 4 weekends. It’s nice, but you’re also starting to miss your home … haha. September seems to be another great month, the season is short – get out there!


    All right, let’s get to our passive income in August 2021

    Increases or decreases

    No raise again, but I think Microsoft, General Mills and Lockheed Martin will get through this month.

    Total income from dividend increases in 2021 – $ 122.74

    January 2021 Passive income

    August 2021 dividend income

    6 companies paid us this month.

    sharesAugust 2020 incomeAugust 2021 income
    Riocan30.72 (2 drops)sold
    Expand18.72 (3 drops)sold
    Proctor & Gamble18.98 USD20.88
    Abbvie82.60 USD$ 91.00
    National Bank of Canada25.5641.18
    Rit-ETF065.34 (3 drops)
    Intelligent Centers24.98 (1 drop)32.68 (1 drop)
    General mills$ 67.13 (1 drop)71.91 (1 drop) usd

    5 stocks dropped in August

    Obviously, these months continue to be our worst. We recently increased our position in the National Bank, which was nice to see this month. I’ll need a lot more stocks to make this drop, but slowly but surely it will grow.

    If you’re interested, check out our previous dividend reports.

    Our drops (dividend reinvestment program) added $ 6.32 to our annual forward dividends this month

    August 2021 passive income

    Different income

    Private investment payment – $ 500.00

    Nothing new here, just our regular monthly payment. (I don’t even have to edit this part every month) Steady Eddy …….

    Income from solar panels

    In July (we are always paid a month later) our solar system generated 983 kWh. Since we are bringing in a fixed price of 28.8 cents per kilowatt hour, Hydro One paid in $ 283.39 this month to our current account.

    Last July the system generated $339.55 Another month lower, was this weather or this maple tree? I need to check our solar system app and see if all the panels are ok.

    Total income for 2021 – $ 1,703.80

    System installed in January 2018

    Total system costs ——– $ 32,396.46

    Total Income Received ——– $ 9,190.61


    Break-even amount – $ -23,205.85

    Questtrade partner

    We have received $ 70 in affiliate income thanks to some of you for using our Questrade link. We continue to use qt for our monthly ETF purchases. The National Bank recently put out $ 0 in commissions so we can move all of our accounts there, but time will tell. I can’t complain about the ancillary costs.

    Total passive income August 2021 – $ 1,176.38

    August 2020 Passive Income – $ 1,145.39

    Increase in total passive income compared to the previous year. – $ 30.99

    A slight increase is still an increase! Obviously I’ve sold most of our monthly dividend payers, and since that money is being allocated to other months, it hurts them. All good as long as it continues to grow quarter after quarter.

    TOffers for 2021

    Total dividends year to date – $ 4,990.66
    Other residual income for the previous year – $ 6,306.73
    Total passive income for 2021 – $ 11,297.39
    Year-end target – $ 17,390.71 ——–% 64.96

    We should be getting 8.3% a month and after 8 months we should be at 66.40%. These months always throw us back a little, luckily the other 2 months of the quarter throw us back again. Let’s go!


    August 2021 purchases

    I haven’t written a post on our recent purchases in the last month, but I’ve continued to expand our portfolio.

    mAnnulus finances

    We bought 75 stocks shortly after their most recent quarterly gain. (they were really good)

    • Starting yield of 4.62%
    • Payout ratio of around 40%
    • 5-year div. Growth rate 10.90%

    I plan to expand this position further. As the market continues to turn green, this stock still seems like good value.

    This purchase added $ 84.00 to our total dividend.

    Lockheed Martin

    We have added 4 more stocks to our lmt position.

    Let’s face it, the world is a mess right now. Especially with what is happening in Afghanistan. It’s sad to see This stock is a great place to be in my opinion, and it continues to be an undervalued stock with a wide moat. I really don’t see defense spending going down, if anything I could increase it in this political landscape. They will most likely announce a decent dividend hike in September as well. Cute!

    • Initial yield of 2.90%
    • Payout ratio of around 44.35%
    • 5-year div. Growth rate 9.52%

    This purchase adds $ 41.60 in forward dividends.

    Xaw Etf

    10 more xaws have also been added to the portfolio.

    Adding about $ 4.06 =)

    In total, we added $ 129.66 to this appointment income with these new purchases.

    Update of financial targets


    Raise dividends this year by $ 1,680.19. (which increases our forward dividend income to $ 8,329.13 per year)

    • We have further expanded our dividend portfolio with new purchases, drips and dividend increases. The total increase so far in 2021 is $ 879.89 52.36% of our goal.

    Minimum monthly purchase of $ 250

    • This month we added 10 more units from xaw etf.
    • Questrade * is great because it offers free ETF trades and cheaper stock trading options than most Canadian brokers. $ 250.00 a month would kill us if we had to pay high trading fees.
    • * Note that the Questrade link is an affiliate link and at no additional cost to you I would receive a small payment if you sign up. However, you could get $ 50 in free trades using my link.
    August 2021 Conclusion on passive income

    Another great month overall, while income is lower during these months it is slowly increasing. Surprisingly, in all of the things we’ve done this month, we’ve put a fair amount of capital into the work. The community as a whole continues to set new records for dividend income. Dividend growth investments are a great way to go. Keep up the good work!

    How was your august Do something cool? Buy stocks?

    Thank you very much

    Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy – Thich Nhat Hanh


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