Avoid these 8 traps of living a richness


    The world wants you to be vanilla. It has a fun way of trying to adapt, however. Nobody will come out and say it right away.

    Instead, they say things like:

    • «Are you really wearing THAT?»
    • «Open a business? You should just be happy to have a job»
    • “You have to buy a house. Why would you throw money away on rent? «

    If you are an IWT reader, you are likely to make some unconventional choices in your life. Maybe rent instead of buying. Maybe you’re starting a business. Perhaps you’re spending an extravagant amount on a personal trainer.

    As you develop your vision of rich life, there will be a number of obstacles that can delay, redirect, or even lead you to a dead end – like other people Consider you should live your life.

    Watch Out For These 8 Rich Life Traps So You Can Avoid The Most Common Mistakes People Make.


    Thinking rich has to be luxurious

    Rich does not have to mean “failed”. It can mean a lot:

    • More family time
    • More safety
    • More fun and freedom
    • Less stress

    You should decide what “rich” means to you. Don’t fall into the trap of society’s charged stereotypes about money.

    How To Avoid It: Write down what rich means to you. Include it in your Rich Life vision we’ll show you how to create it in our free This is how you create your rich life Mini course. Check your definition at least once a year and update it as your thinking changes.


    It’s a tragedy to live a smaller life than you have to

    What a tragedy to get into the later years of life and realize that you lived a smaller life than you really had to.

    • You pinched and pinched on your target bill … but it made no difference.
    • Worried about ordering a second starter … but you could have bought any starter you ever wanted.

    Do you want to turn 70 and have $ 6 million in the bank after racking up your spending all the time? At 70, would you even know what to do with that much money?

    Too many of my readers get into a situation where they have saved and saved … but never learned the skill of spending.

    How To Avoid It: Start learning how to spend your money. I know that sounds weird. We are taught that spending is bad and that saving is everything. But if you never learn to spend your money well – without feeling guilty or worrying, in a way that fuels your rich life – you will run short in the long run.


    Most life advice starts with «no»

    A rich life should start with YES. However, most life counseling is based on limitations:

    • «No, you can’t buy lattes»
    • «No, you can’t go on vacation»
    • «No, you shouldn’t want a new job (just be glad you have one)»

    I believe that a rich life begins with saying YES: Yes, I want to experience that in my life. Yes, with a little help, I can earn and invest enough to make it happen. Yes, I can be grateful for what I have now and work hard to achieve my rich life.

    How To Avoid It: Get the Big Profits Right. When you do this, you almost never have to worry about «Can I afford this starter?» Details. or «Should I spend $ 3.50 on this mocha?»


    Pay attention to the «vortex of negativity»

    In my book, I ask new readers to send me an email telling me what their rich life is like. Check out this email I received from one of these new readers:

    What did you notice?

    • «Doesn’t have to be anything special»
    • «Not nearly as lush as she»

    I get dozens of such emails every day. When I ask someone what their rich life is, they usually start with a few general things like freedom or travel. And then they quickly start talking about all the things they don’t want. «I don’t have to drive a Porsche» or «I don’t want to be a slave to my desk.»

    This becomes an addicting vortex because we talk about what we do not wanting is much easier than figuring out what we actually have to do want. It makes us feel like we are in control, but it only stops our progress.

    How To Avoid It: Focus on what you are to do want. Then do more of it. The best way to do this is to learn and lean on your personal money dials. Learn How To Find Your Own Money Dials In The Free This is how you create your rich life Mini course.


    Beware of the endless hunt for «advanced» tips

    So many people are looking for high level answers to avoid the real, hard work of improving one by one. It’s easier to dream of winning the Boston Marathon than jogging for ten minutes every morning.

    Sometimes getting the basics right consistently is most advanced.

    How To Avoid It: Go ahead, aim for the 85% solution, then go ahead and enjoy your life.

    RICH LIFE trap # 6:

    Excessive focus on one area of ​​your life

    Many people get stuck «upside down» in one area of ​​their life – often working or saving – and ignore other areas of life. This misalignment can drag on for years, even decades.

    The risk is that years later, after you have been successful in this area, you will not be able to focus on other areas of your life. You haven’t developed the skills to be effective at other things. And the cognitive dissonance of realizing that you missed so many opportunities will be too big for you to see and admit your mistake.

    How To Avoid It: Once you have planned your rich life, I will help you in the free This is how you create your rich life Mini course, ask yourself:

    • Are there areas that are noticeably missing or missing in your life?
    • How can you start exploring these areas now, even on a small scale?


    Do not turn the page

    Your vision of rich life SHOULD change over time.

    As you grow, age, excel, and meet your goals, is your vision of rich life evolving? For example, when I was in my 20s, my idea of ​​a rich life was being able to order a round of drinks without feeling guilty. Now it’s about more than that, like staying in beautiful hotels and giving generous tips.

    I, then and now

    How To Avoid It: Take the time to review and update your Rich Life vision at least once a year. Ask yourself:

    • How have my goals and vision changed in the last year?
    • What am I happy to add?
    • What am I no longer interested?

    Then adjust your goals, commitments, and schedules to match your new vision. And do it without feeling guilty. (It is actually very liberating to let go of old goals that you no longer like. And to make room for new goals and interests.)


    Surround yourself with the wrong people

    Nobody attains their rich life all alone. As Jim Rohn says, you are the average of the five people you are closest to.

    • Who do you spend most of your time with?
    • Do you keep complaining?
    • Do they brag about saving and thrift?
    • Do you have a vision for your rich life – and a plan to achieve it?

    How To Avoid It: Make a list of the five people who are closest to you. Now ask yourself: Are these positive, encouraging forces in your life?

    If not, what would it be like to spend less time with them and more with someone else? You don’t have to «part» with them or call them. But imagine what your life could be like if only you were spending money fewer Spending time with negative people and more Time with positive people.

    Small changes like this can snowball over time, completely changing your perspective – not to mention your energy levels, happiness, and life.

    Build your own vision of rich life

    To avoid and live those usual rich life traps your Unique Rich Life, you have to start with a vision. How does it look like? Where will you go Who are you going to take with you?

    I’ve created a brand new free mini-course to help you: This is how you create your rich life.

    In 1 hour you will create a vivid picture of your personal rich life so that you can start living consciously, focusing on the things you love and ignoring the things you do not like.

    On the way you will learn:

    • What is and is not a rich life?
    • How to Map Your Rich Life.
    • This is how you achieve your happiness.

    When you are done, your vision will be yours to guide you through the rest of your life.

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