Barclays Blue Reward customers must register for online banking by August, otherwise there is a risk of their membership being terminated


    Blue Rewards is an optional add-on to Barclays checking accounts for £ 4 / month. It was launched in 2015 and pays at least £ 7 / month to customers who meet certain conditions, e.g. B. Depositing at least £ 800 / month and setting up two regular direct debits. You can also make more money every month if you are a Blue Rewards member who owns other Barclays products such as mortgages, loans, and insurance.

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    Blue Rewards members must register for online banking by August 3rd

    Monthly money earned by Blue Rewards members is deposited directly into their Blue Rewards wallet. It was always required to be registered for either Barclays’ online banking service or its app in order to manage this and transfer funds to your linked checking account.

    Members who have never viewed or accessed their virtual wallet because they haven’t signed in to online or app banking must now do so before August 3rd. Otherwise, your Rewards membership may be canceled. Follow the steps on the Barclays website to register for either online banking or the Barclays app. Note that you can still use your linked checking account as normal, even though your membership may be canceled.

    If your membership is canceled, you will not lose your Rewards earnings as they will either be automatically transferred to your linked Barclays checking account or you will receive a check in the mail. You will also be informed of this two months in advance.

    Barclays wouldn’t tell us how many customers this affects other than saying it’s a «very small number». The bank has 17 million customers on checking accounts in the UK.

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