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    What if you could save a ton of money and get them for free ?!

    Become a product tester and get to try makeup and skin care products.

    Product tests of boots


    When you join the Boots review panel, you can test their products from home for free.

    They allow you to try cosmetics, toiletries, and skin care products.

    You can try all kinds of Boots brand cosmetics and toiletries, such as: B. No7, Soltan, Soap & Glory, Botanics, Champneys and Boots private label items.

    They help develop their products, make sure they are safe to use, and provide feedback on how they work, which will help them develop the product for other users.

    They will also use some of the statistics they get for advertising.

    Do you remember seeing any ads and seeing that “92% of women thought it was working well” … these statistics come from members of such boards.

    As part of the Boots panel, you will have time to use their products and then use a questionnaire to provide feedback on how you found them.

    You can try a product over the course of a week or even several months.

    Boats volunteer panel

    Red lipstick

    The Boots Volunteer Panel is not open all the time, but they currently have the registry open.

    However, they don’t let everyone join in – it’s a limited registration.

    To ensure that the opinions of product testers are balanced, the Boots review panel has set certain criteria.

    This is to ensure that the people who test and use their items are not all from the same background and that things are fair.

    It takes about 5 minutes to go through the membership application.

    They ask a variety of questions, including things like your skin tone (to make sure the people on the panel are balanced).

    What happens next?

    Makeup brushes

    If you are unsuccessful, you will be informed immediately and can try again in a few months.

    If you are successful, you will receive a screening email asking if you would like to take a trial.

    Approx. 50-200 samples are sent with each study, which are sent on a first-come-first-served basis.

    You need to fill out the survey sent to you with details about skin / hair / color etc.

    If you are accepted to test the product, it will be mailed to you.

    simple cosmetic bottles

    You receive products in simple packaging with no labels, so you cannot recognize the brand. This will help you not get into a biased opinion if you think it is a simple brand or a top notch brand.

    You will also be given an information sheet telling you how many times a day to use and how to test the products.

    At the end of the product test, you will receive an email questionnaire in which you fill in your honest thoughts and feelings about using the product. There are no right or wrong answers – so if you totally hate the product then be honest.

    After you’ve completed the study and tested the product, you can keep it and use it however you want.

    Controlled on-site studies

    Product tests of boots

    While you can apply to run the Boats Assessment Panel from home, if you live near the Boats Assessment Center, you can take part in other studies as well.

    This is done from their assessment center in Beeston, Nottingham.

    Does anyone live nearby?

    Well, if you are within 30 miles of the site (and match the age, gender, and skin color of the people you are looking for) you can participate in their studies AND get paid too.

    You will receive between £ 10 and £ 125 depending on the time and commitment you have to put into the study.

    They are paid for using the Boots Gift Card if it is £ 20 or less or by bank transfer if it is more than £ 20.

    Would you like to know what you tested?


    The whole thing is a big secret.

    The reason they keep everything under wraps is so that you won’t be mistaken or made to like it more because it’s your usual brand.

    Even if you’ve completed the Boots product testing, you won’t know what the item is.

    However, if you are dying to know (because you may have loved it SO much!) Then write down the study number that is printed on the product label (it starts with a U).

    Then, 6 months later, contact the Boots Volunteers Panel. At this point they should be able to let you know.

    It can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years for a product you tested to appear on a Boots shelf – but some may not sell at all.

    So you really need to be patient when testing a product that you really like.

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