Best checking accounts for May 2021


    Your checking account choices can drain or ruin your finances, whether it is getting your paychecks from your employer through direct deposits, daily checks, bill paybacks, or simply a safe place to keep your savings.

    There are countless checking accounts to choose from in 2021. Some have a monthly fee, some offer additional benefits, and some only offer the most basic features.

    A Great checking accountThere are no hidden costs and all of your banking needs are met – online banking, great customer service, interest in cash and account benefits.

    Today we’re going to examine some of the best checking accounts in 2021, including their pros, cons, and fees.

    Best checking accounts for 2021

    providersMinimum depositinterest rateSign up bonus
    aspiration$ 00.00%$ 100
    Radius bench$ 1001.00%$ 50
    BBVA$ 250.00%
    CIT bank$ 1,0000.25%
    Carillon$ 00.50%$ 50
    heritage$ 500.05%
    Prices updated from February 2021.

    Aspiration – Best sign up bonus of $ 150


    With so many checking accounts available, it can be difficult to decide which checking account is best for you. Fortunately, the Aspiration Bank Account is a versatile account that is beneficial to our planet and reduces your carbon footprint. And in contrast to a conventional checking account, the Aspiration account manages separate checking and savings balances.

    Do you want free money?

    • Aspiration: Would you like to see $ 150 for free? Just log into Aspiration and get free cash with the free banking app. Relax as you get $ 150 for just opening a new debit card. There is no catch. This bank account is real and only takes two minutes Sign up for an account.

    If you’re looking to save and spend, this might be the account for you. Not only is it easy and convenient to deposit and withdraw cash using an Aspiration bank account, but you can earn up to 10% cashback on debit card purchases and up to 1.00% APY on savings. It’s usually the more expensive premium accounts that offer this, but you can get it all for free with this account.

    Fees and charges can be overwhelming, especially when you’re doing your best to save. If you’re looking to avoid bank charges, you’ll be pleased to hear you get no check deposit fees, no overdraft fees, no debit card fees, and no inactive and dormant account fees. When you sign up for a new account, receive a welcome bonus of $ 150 if you spend $ 1,000 within 60 days of opening an account.



    • Great customer service
    • Best sign up offer of $ 150
    • Large ATM network (55,000)
    • 10% of every dollar paid in Aspiration goes to charities that help Americans build better lives
    • Digital debit card available while waiting for physical card to arrive in the mail


    • No physical branches
    • Available to US residents only
    • Requires a minimum deposit of $ 10 or more to open an account

    Radius Bank Rewards Checking: Best Rewards Current Account

    Radius bench

    Radius Bank offers 1 +% cashback, discounts on ATM fees, and no monthly or hidden fees when checking rewards. The beautifully designed app gives you a full-service bank that you can use to deposit checks, view transactions in real time, pay bills and transfer funds, manage your budget and track expenses, and improve your financial health.

    But I love when you can use a Radius Bank coupon code during the application process and get a simple $ 50 cash bonus. To receive the $ 50.00 reward Simply open a personal or business Radius current account via this link and enter promo code «sbzcj9”- You have to submit an application.

    If you keep your account active with at least $ 500, the $ 50 reward will appear in your Radius account within 90 days. Super easy. You can open an account online in under 3 minutes with just $ 100.

    BBVA Online Checking: Best overall account

    With BBVA Online Checking, your annual savings really add up as there is no monthly service fee. There is a $ 3 monthly statement fee that can be avoided by replacing your statements with online statements.

    I think it’s good that the BBVA Online Checking Account offers:

    • Award-winning mobile banking app
    • Cash back rewards
    • Free online banking and mobile banking as well as mobile deposits and billing
    • Low minimum deposit of $ 25
    • Transaction warnings

    You can apply online with a low minimum deposit ($ 25).

    CIT Bank: Best free checking account

    Cit Bank

    CIT Bank’s products are perfect for preparing for unexpected emergencies, topping up funds for a down payment on a dream home, saving for the future of a loved one, or anything in between. CIT Bank recently opened a new online checking account that earns up to 0.25% APY. However, if you have one If your balance is less than $ 25,000, you will receive an APY of 0.10%.

    Easy account management through the mobile app, including depositing checks and transferring funds. You need at least $ 100 to open it. However, when you open an account, you can use any ATM with an eChecking debit card without paying CIT fees and receive up to $ 30 per month to offset other banks’ ATM fees. You can also make online payments through eChecking with Cell, Bill Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay. And no opening or monthly fees.


    • No ATM fees
    • No monthly fees
    • Online and mobile banking is easy and convenient

    Glockenspiel: Best for helpful savings options

    Glockenspiel app

    Hidden fees can be a nightmare – especially if they sneak in on you the week leading up to payday! Fortunately, Chime offers an account that has no hidden fees and an interest-free overdraft! There isn’t really much more that you can ask for when looking for checking accounts.

    This is one of the more modern accounts available – not many people are actually branch banking in 2021. Hence, over time, Chime has no branches or ATMs of its own.

    It’s surprisingly quick and easy to sign up, and unlike many other checking accounts, you can have a zero starting balance.

    It’s refreshing to see a bank profiting with you instead of profiting from you. For every transaction made with a Chime debit card, Chime earns a small amount of Visa that is paid for by the merchant – not you or the account holder.


    • No hidden fees and charges
    • Helpful automatic saving options
    • You can access your direct deposits earlier than the competition


    • Some of the banking services are limited (no branches or group machines)

    Simple: Best for customer service + user-friendly mobile app

    Note: BBVA has acquired Simple and all Simple checking accounts will be transferred to BBVA Online checking accounts.

    If you are looking for a simple account in the market that has simple money management features, quick and easy banking, and a great customer service system, you will love the simple checking account.

    This is a great bank if you want to manage your savings. Unfortunately, to get a meaningful rate of interest, you need around $ 2,000 in the account.

    The bank account allows you to set up automated savings, which is extremely useful for forgetful customers. You can divide your recurring payments into specific categories like bills and luxuries – and your expenses will be sorted for you automatically.

    The Simple system puts any spare money aside for you so you can save without even realizing! When you have to spend more than you have (accounting for bills and other planned expenses), the money is deducted from your goals – it’s quick, easy and hassle-free!


    • The app is efficient and easy to use
    • Ideal for budgeting – can set goals
    • No minimum to open an account
    • No monthly fees or charges

    Legacy: Best for all banking experience

    There are bank accounts in 2021 that have pretty much anything that can be harmful rather than helpful. Sometimes you just want a simple, no-frills account to keep your money in.

    The checking accounts that Heritage offers are just that – simple accounts that allow you to easily conduct your banking business.

    Unfortunately, the simplest checking account Heritage offers (the basic checking account) has a monthly fee of $ 7 that can be waived with a minimum balance of $ 100.

    This account allows you to make money while you are spending money. Receive $ 0.10 for every signature transaction made on your VISA debit card thanks to the Heritage Bank a Dime a Time Rewards program.


    • No monthly service fee
    • Variety of accounts to choose from
    • Unlimited checks


    • Interest rates could be better
    • Minimum opening balance of $ 100 for a standard checking account

    Is online banking safe?

    Is online banking safe and secure? A lot of people believe it doesn’t – you may have heard from a friend or family member that their card was flown through or robbed at an ATM, or you may have experienced it yourself.

    But the short answer is yes. Banks that are only online are safe because they have FDIC insurance. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is an independent federal agency that insures US bank deposits and savings in the event of bank failure. If you’re a member of an online bank with FDIC insurance, your money is insured up to $ 250,000.

    Even if a hacker steals your money, you are protected. Your online bank must reimburse you for your losses if you report them within 60 days. This is one reason many people track their finances on a weekly basis using free money management tools like Mint and Personal Capital.

    However, this does not mean that you should not be aware of the risks associated with online banking.

    The best apps to save real money

    We talk a lot on the phone, don’t we? Wouldn’t it make sense to save money with the best money-saving apps?

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