Best Valentine’s Day Last Minute Gifts on Etsy (Printable)


With everything that happens these days, it is sometimes difficult to remember what day it is, let alone what special events are coming up.

While you may have missed any signs that Valentine’s Day is almost here, there is still time. Next day shipping on Amazon Prime might not save you, but instant download from Etsy does.

Below are the best last minute Valentine’s Day gifts you can find on Etsy.

Printable coupons for Valentine’s Day

This is our most important last minute Valentine’s Day gift. Click through these links, buy, print and you will have your gift in minutes!

Some of these designs are editable so you can customize them to your liking.

Valentine’s Day Vouchers (minimalist)

Valentine's Day last minute gifts to make your own printable

Coupon books are back this Valentine’s Day, and if you’re unsure of your artistic skills, try this template instead. Create your own coupon offers and print as many or as few as you want. It’s a great hearty Valentine’s Day gift for the last minute shopper.

You can find them here on Etsy.

Valentine’s Day Vouchers (His & Hers)

Valentine's Day Last Minute Gift Certificates

If you can’t think of your own Valentine’s Day coupon book ideas, consider these instead. You can find the love coupons for him here on Etsy.

There are also a number of love coupons for her here on Etsy. Either way, you both win!

Valentine’s Day Vouchers (editable)

etsy last minute gift certificates

We LOVE these Valentine’s Day coupons and know they were best sellers on Etsy last year.

You can’t go wrong with a template that you edit and customize to suit you.

Buy these editable love coupons here on Etsy.

More printable gifts for Valentine’s Day

We should say that the best food gift for Valentine’s Day this year is hot chocolate bombs.

You are so popular right now! If you have the time, we recommend reading the post linked above to learn more.

For more ideas, see the information below.

All of that and a stack of chips

Chips Day Valentine's Day Printables Etsy Last Minute Gift Ideas

Forget the cards and hand out junk food instead. Let your friends, family, and more know that you think the world about them. These cute chip tags are a perfect way to spread the love of Valentine’s Day.

You can find them here on Etsy.

Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day Cards

Baby Yoda Card Valentine's Day Printables Etsy Last Minute Gift Ideas

With the second season of Mandalorians Now out, baby Yoda … I mean, Grogu’s popularity is bigger than ever. Share the love of the grogu with these cute printable Valentine’s Day cards.

You can find them here on Etsy.

Be my quarantine

Quarantine Valentine's Day card printouts etsy last minute gift ideas

Maybe it’s time to take the next step this Valentine’s Day. Do you dare … to quarantine together? This card is a great way to ask the one you love if it’s time to live together.

You can find it here on Etsy.

Bugs and kisses

Candy Day Valentine's Day Printables Etsy Last Minute Gift Ideas

Just add gummy worms and some kisses and you have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. With many «bugs and kisses» from me to you.

You can find it here on Etsy.

Conversation Heart Gift Boxes

Conversation Heart Valentine's Day Gift Boxes Cards Printouts etsy

If you already have the gift and just want to wrap it up at the last minute, think of this cute box. The print version contains all the details on how to make these conversation heart gift boxes.

You can find it here on Etsy.

Cricut Valentine’s Day cards

Cricut valentine card printable etsy last minute gift ideas

If you have a Cricut then this is another great use for it. Make your Valentine’s Day cards look like they were store-bought with a little help from this downloadable PDF.

You can find it here on Etsy.

Side note: If you’ve always wondered if a Cricut is right for you, check out this previous post here that looks at the pros and cons of the Cricut and Silhouette crafting machines.

Happy Valentines Day

Valentine's day last minute gift printable etsy

Take some old photo frames or just fill in the ones you have and plaster up your walls with this Happy Valentine’s Day sign. Make your sweetheart feel loved from the moment he or she wakes up.

You can find the printable sign here on Etsy.

Harry Potter Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Cards Last Minute Gifts Printables etsy

Tell your loved one that it is as rare as catching the snitch, or let your best friend know that the two of you will be put in the same house every time. For the Harry Potter lover, this card set is just the thing in Diagon Alley.

You can find them here on Etsy.

Love banner

Valentine's Day Love Banner Printouts Last Minute Gifts

Maybe your Valentine’s Day present is a wonderful dinner. Remember not to skimp on the decorations. Declare your love with this printable love banner.

You can find it here on Etsy.

Out of this world maps

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts Printable Etsy Cards

Tell your friends and family that you think the universe of them. This cute set of printable Valentine’s Day cards is great for both young and older children.

You can find them here on Etsy.

Naughty Valentine’s Day gifts

OK so I won’t be sharing the pictures for this section! But here are two ideas if this is your thing.

  1. Cheeky Valentine’s Day Card: This raunchy card with two teddy bears in an interesting position could make your partner laugh.
  2. Naughty Coupons: These are self-explanatory. Try not to blush these here on Etsy.

Poppin ‘Valentine’s Day

Stick this label on a mason jar full of popcorn kernels and it’s a quick and easy way to get a DIY Valentine’s Day gift. Simple and to the point.

Valentine's day card printable etsy gift tags

You can find it here on Etsy.

Puppy love

Dog Valentine's Day Cards Printable Last Minute Gifts

They call it puppy love. Whether you are handing cards to your two-legged friends or your four-legged friends, these cards are for you.

You can find them here on Etsy.

Quarantine Valentine’s Day card

Quarantine Valentine's Day Card Printable Gifts etsy

The two of you may have decided to quarantine together last spring, but did you think you’d make it by Valentine’s Day? This is the perfect card for your quarantine friend or loved one.

You can find it here on Etsy.

Retro Valentine’s Day cards

Vinatage Valentine's Day Cards Printable Etsy Last Minute Gift

Maybe this is the year you want to go to old school. These vintage-style Valentine’s Day cards will help you stand out.

You can find them here on Etsy.

S’more friends like you

Smore Treat Valentine's Day Printable Last Minute Gift

Pull out the candy bars, graham crackers and marshmallows and make your own Valentine’s Day gifts with this cute printable.

You can find it here on Etsy.

T-Rex Valentine’s Day Card

printable valentines day cards last minute kids gifts

No matter what someone tells me, the T-Rex never goes out of style. This is the perfect phrase for a child in preschool or lower elementary school levels. Plus, you can add a little extra to bring a smile to your child’s classmates.

You can find it here on Etsy.

Gifts for scrapbookers

Valentine’s Day scrapbook paper

Valentine's Day Last Minute Gifts Wrapping Paper Printable

Perhaps you are looking for the perfect scrapbook paper to use on a card or to arrange around a picture. Why not print your own paper instead of going to the store to buy theme paper? There are some great designs on Etsy including this hearty set here.

Valentine’s Day Junk Paper Journal

Valentine's Day Paper Gift Last Minute Printable Etsy

If you’re looking for something different, print out a few of these pages, bind them together, and make a junk journal for what you love. It is a DIY gift that is creative and thoughtful. Your loved one can use the pages for handicrafts, sticking keepsakes or writing down their innermost thoughts.

You can find the printable pages here on Etsy.

Creative gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day themed photo booth props

Valentine's Day Photo Booth Props Printable Gifts Etsy Last Minute

If you want to celebrate your Valentine’s Day with a photo or ten together, try these cute photo booth props. You and your love can be struck by Cupid’s arrow over and over again.

You can find them here on Etsy.

You are a maze

Valentine's Day Cards Last Minute Printable Etsy Gifts

Not only does this card share how you’re feeling, but it also offers a bit of puzzling fun. This printable card is a great way to share love this Valentine’s Day.

You can find it here on Etsy.

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