Billion Dollar Breakthrough: How CMI Hit A Major Mortgage Milestone


    «I would say there are two main elements,» says Spero. “Firstly, we offer our investors a complete end-to-end service. We cover all elements of the mortgage process from underwriting to servicing. Investors don’t have to worry about their mortgage investments. We do this on your behalf as part of our service. For them it is really an investment experience based on the motto “set it and forget it”.

    Second, we provide each investor with a dedicated investment account manager who works to understand their individual needs, risk tolerance and investment preferences. Everyone has a unique investor profile based on their preferred type of mortgage, their location, their target return, etc. From this, the Investment Account Manager creates an individual profile and creates an individual private mortgage portfolio for each investor. «

    “We work hand in hand with investors to ensure that we offer them suitable and compelling investment opportunities based on their unique profile. We have very successfully secured repeat investments from our existing investors. Our growth was also driven by referrals where investors recommend CMI to their friends and family based on the success of their mortgage portfolio with us. And we’ve demonstrated that success by breaking the $ 1 billion funding threshold. «

    “We also developed a proprietary mortgage engine that enables us to write and fund transactions much faster than our competitors. Brokers can submit deals to us in minutes and review and approve them in just an hour – with a deal commitment issued the same day. This is a critical factor in the competitive real estate market and offers our broker partners an important differentiator in terms of the experience they offer their clients. «

    So time for the $ 1 billion question – how did you get to such a remarkable milestone?

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