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    from Beks

    In this crazy haze of spending I made in a moment of weakness a month ago, I’ve spent way too much on makeup. If you’ve ever bought anything at Ulta, Sephora, Tarte, etc, you know they throw in freebies (kind of explains why the makeup is so expensive). In the end, I had loads of samples and a really nice make-up bag. I was planning on buying a new makeup bag because mine was falling apart, so … two birds. Einstein.

    The bag came and it was just as I expected, nice and the perfect size. But it wasn’t what I would have chosen. It didn’t have partitions and it wouldn’t work for what I need. Pooh. I hate to have to explain that. Some of us women have more makeup in our pockets than we use on a daily basis. It’s like having those totally awkward heels in your closet. No, you don’t wear them every day, but every now and then you pull them out for a special occasion. You can’t throw all your shoes in one heap, you have to get them sorted! Same idea with a make-up bag.

    I went to Target to find a new bag. I stared at the $ 19 price for a better bag. $ 19? I stared into my car. I had added a $ 10 plastic box to sort my daughter’s hair ties so they weren’t scattered all over the bathroom. It hit me. How often do I spend $ 10 or $ 20 on things because what I already have isn’t a perfect fit?

    I left Target empty-handed and decided to try again. If that were all, could I make it work? Yes! I’ve split my makeup in a separate zip lock bag for special occasions. Boom! Problem solved! My mother gave my daughter some shoes that came in a hard box that I gave up for recycling. Boom! Hair tie solution!

    Yes, I saved $ 30, but seriously, how often do we buy things and throw away perfect solutions? If I had thrown away that shoebox or that free makeup bag, I would have topped up our landfill AND spent money. We’re caught up in the simple button and miss that we should rethink and try again. Should you be using something again? Take a moment to think before you buy.


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