Book Club: Week # 8 | Money-saving Mama®


    I’m hosting a free online book club for my book Love-Centered Parenting!

    Whether you have already read the book and just want a refresher or want to hear more of my thoughts and encouragement about the book, whether you have the book and need to be accountable to actually read it, or not sure whether this book is for you, I would be happy if you are there!

    I host the book club on Instagram but you don’t need to have an account to watch the videos! I will be doing a live video of a chapter of the book every Wednesday and posting the replay on IGTV.

    To join the book club:

    1. Follow on Instagram (if you want).

    2. Watch Book Club Video # 1 (it is only 10 minutes long and tells the story of why I wrote the book), watch Book Club Video # 2 (it is also 10 minutes long and tells more from rock bottom as a parent), Watch Book Club Video # 3, Book Club Video # 4, Book Club Video # 5, Book Club Video # 6, Book Club Video # 7, Book Club Video # 8 and watch Book Club Video # 9.

    3. Read or listen to an introduction to Love Centered Parenting. (You can buy it here or at, or check if your library has it or if it’s available for free on Hoopla or Libby.)

    I hope you can join in and that these videos are encouragement to you! I cheer for you!

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