Boots Advantage Card – use your card before June or lose points


    Boots has announced changes to how its Perk Cards work, which may result in you losing your saved points.

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    Boots recently announced changes to their benefits program, which is having a major impact on customers!

    They halve the time you have to use your membership card before your loyalty points expire.

    Boots Advantage Card users who have not used their account online or in-store for at least a year will lose all points unless used before June 20, 2022.

    And if you haven’t used it for four years, your account will be completely closed.

    Use it or lose it

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    To avoid losing points, you must use your Advantage card online or in-store before June 20, 2022.

    Then continue to use your card at least once a year to keep your save points from expiring. Previously, you had to use your card every two years.

    You must complete a transaction to keep your account active.

    However, if you don’t want to/can’t buy anything, then at least make sure you spend all the points you’ve accumulated before the June deadline.

    Here you can check how many points you have collected.

    Losing your loyalty points? Don’t worry

    If you end up losing your loyalty card points, it’s not all bad news and you can still get them back thanks to Swapi.

    Download the Swapi app and use the code Skinntfather Then go to Expired Points in the menu to get a bonus of 650 points (which you can redeem for loads of things, including gift cards).

    Tell them how many points you’ve lost and they’ll reward your points back.

    As simple as that!

    You can also redeem any other lost loyalty points through the app.

    price advantage

    Boots has also made some changes with its Price Advantage program.

    It works the same as the Tesco Clubcard prices where you get lower prices but only if you are a member of their loyalty program.

    You save up to 50%, with an average saving of £2.65 per product.

    Look out for bright pink stickers in store and pink prices for select products on the website.

    How the Boots Advantage card works

    With the Advantage card, you earn four points for every £1 you spend online and in-store.

    If you want to redeem them, a point is worth 1p.

    It’s one of the most generous loyalty cards out there in terms of rewards.

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